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  1. Front Wheels Squeaking

    My 2yr old Fiesta has 18000m on the clock and has just started having an occasional, low speed squeak a couple of weeks ago. Took it to the local dealer last week and it didn't make a sound (!) nor could they see any fault after they say they put it up on a ramp. Sorry to say that it started squeaking again tonight when I was driving in 1st gear, in rush hour, traffic tonight just after I got off the motorway... It sounded like someone pushing a rusty wheelbarrow but stopped when I changed up gears. I'll be looking to take it back to the garage again but would appreciate any insight that other owners may have to help me get it sorted.
  2. Usb Memory Stick Mp3 Problems

    Thanks for the above advice. Took my car to my local dealer, Hendys, today and was told that it'll need a stereo software update - only problem is that'll have to be booked in again at another branch which has the necessary equipment for the job (!) In meantime I'll see if reformatting my micro SD card once more, then reinstalling my MP3s, might fix the job for the moment - if only intermittently.. :-S
  3. Usb connection new fiesta

    My local dealer's service dept (in Soton)had a look at my 59-plate 1.6 Titanium today. Their diagnostics said that the software on my stereo needs updating, although I'll now have to book in into another branch (Eastleigh) for this... meh! In the meantime I've just seen this dinky 8gb flash drive on Play.com which looks ideal for those of us with USB ports... especially if they work!! http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/14366695/-/Product.html?opFR=true In the meantime I'll just have to make do with running my mp3s from my phone through the Aux headphone plug. Not good if you want to change tracks and have to rummage around trying to control the phone :-(
  4. Usb Memory Stick Mp3 Problems

    Can't recall hearing any such noises when playing MP3 files in the car earlier. I'll listen out as and when I get the USB feature working, which I hope will be tomorrow when I'm driving back to work - but like you say, they play without any such issue on my HD2 phone, my wife's iPhone 4, etc. I'll try and givemy Ford dealer a call 2m about the USB issue and see what they say. In any event I also need the radio code which they failed to provide when I picked the car up at the weekend - oh, and they provided the wrong stereo manual too (my Fiesta came with the manual which I'd previously had for my old 55-plate Focus!)
  5. Usb Memory Stick Mp3 Problems

    I've had my '59 Fiesta Titanium just 4 days and finally tried out the car stereo's USB support today. On my way to work it worked fine, however on the way home it started to play up after just 2-3mins and after that it wouldn't read my MP3s at all. Rather than use a normal flash stick, which I thought would get in the way of the handbrake lever, I was using a class-2, 8gb micro SD card from a mobile phone via a SanDisk micro SC card reader. The SD card was already formatted to FAT 32 and is now about 75% full, and I've justed scanned it on my laptop and all seems fine. The MP3 files themselves are all about 128kbps or a simliar, low VBR quality, and in total I have 1353 files in 15 folders which are correctly tagged and have reasonable length filenames. None of the files have come from iTunes, instead all have been ripped using dBpowerAMP and then tagged using Mp3tag freeware. At most there are x4 levels to negotiate, ie SD card/Genre/Album/track... other than taking the car back to the dealer for a software update is there anything else I should try first? As an aside, has anyone else also noticed that MP3 CDs occasionally, randomly and frequently freeze for a split second whilst playing?