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  1. Seen to be upsetting a lot of people today, my jokes aren't funny then haha owell !!!!

  2. got a promotion at work onwards and upwards :) whoop

  3. just realized I'm making Ford focus door hinges nice any one planning on buying a focus don't your doors will fall off XD

  4. Me and palmhandlason are off to bed :p

  5. What's on your mind?

  6. Has been single for over a year and a half :l wtf is going man

  7. When my cars finished ill be a happy boy again :)

  8. !Removed! off!

  9. Primering the escort at the weekend :)

  10. Arg! I hate getting up :(

  11. Is it bank holiday today

  12. !Removed! phone turns off every time some one texts then I carnt read it because it disappears !Removed! piece of !Removed!!

  13. right a nice hot shower then finish the body work on the car :) paint soon whoop

  14. I'm so tired I think I'm dieing I haven't got it me to care XD owell ill be home soon

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