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  1. Irononreverse - will get some photos posted in a few days time Fi.Es.Ta - why would you get any damage rain or no? These protect the sill and are held on by adhesive so no damage is caused to the sill and paintwork remains intact so perforation warranty on paint remains valid....
  2. Yea they're only short cos of the curve on the sill but look ok
  3. Fiesta 1.4 Tdci Bhp Increase?

    And watch Ford laugh at you when the engine goes bang and you think you have a warranty claim. Most of these boxes and remaps simply over fuel to get more power they are now detectable even after removed, Ford have updated the cache in ECU with a memory dump that detects external devices or remaps by comparing profiles, GM and Honda re doing same soon I believe,, beware....
  4. Just been over to Lockwoods today to get sill protectors fitted very nice they are too. They used my 5 door car for designing the template, perfect fit front and rear, see link, why pay Ford prices! http://www.lockwoodinternational.co.uk/fiesta-4-door-sill-protectors-part-no-k89s-more-details-i6358.html
  5. Hids On Mk7

    Not as tight as the boys in blue, I can't name my source but roadside checks are coming very soon, 3 points and £60 if you are caught, apparently it's become a big enough problem, I've seen the test kit they will be using issued by DOT....
  6. Want To Improve Your Ws Fiesta Engine

    Or just trade it in for a faster car? Jeez u knew the PS when you bought the car! What about warranty issues?
  7. Rain Sensor Wipers

    Is it because it's not raining?
  8. Cosworth Wheels

    Tragic, just tragic, prob a Chav who won the lottery did this....
  9. Cosworth Wheels

    Yep defo mega gash, reminds me of a boy racer punto....
  10. Tomason Rims

    I have Thompson local
  11. How Long Did You Wait?

    He he I cheated and found my car to my spec in dealer stock, just delivered a few days earlier from Germany, time from order to delivery - 5 days....
  12. Mk7 Scuff Plates

    Easy peasy 5 min job, come with two strips of scotch hi tack tape already in place, peel off backing and offer up to the sill - simples
  13. New Induction Kit Mk7

    Sad sad sad
  14. Mk7 Scuff Plates

    I have Lockwood ones excellent quality and value, brushed stainless steel and fit spot on, why pay Ford prices!