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  1. £170 all in! Pfffttt bit expensive lol..... Nice mod though get fitted pics up lads
  2. Even if you follow the instructions bang on mate sometimes its still a pain and doesn't work so i just kept jamming the usb in whilst having the radio on and turning the ignition to II and hey presto lol....
  3. Ohhhh you a super mod now mate :D congrats......
  4. Thanks Dan. My 3rd is due soon. Typical it looks like it might cost the most :( My car was serviced yearly since new, its away to be 3yrs come June, however my mileage will only be around 20?
  5. Pee off with your spam :angry:
  6. Not what you want... but how cool are these? lol
  7. You could easily fit a 10 pack of cigs in there.... maybe a squeeze to get the lighter in too though :P
  8. I seen that a while back mate, good find that is! Never got a quote of them so can't comment on the prices. Wonder if its expensive....
  9. Spray your plastics? Footwell lights? Have a search for mods threads for other ideas.