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  1. Short-Shift Gear Stick - What's Involved?

    £170 all in! Pfffttt bit expensive lol..... Nice mod though get fitted pics up lads
  2. Ford Audio Update - The Changes

    Even if you follow the instructions bang on mate sometimes its still a pain and doesn't work so i just kept jamming the usb in whilst having the radio on and turning the ignition to II and hey presto lol....
  3. Ford Audio Update - The Changes

    New update! Missed loads. Thanks Mark
  4. Whats New?

    Ohhhh you a super mod now mate :D congrats......
  5. The Mk7 Fiesta Service Costs Thread

    Thanks Dan. My 3rd is due soon. Typical it looks like it might cost the most :( My car was serviced yearly since new, its away to be 3yrs come June, however my mileage will only be around 20?
  6. Mk7 Zs Side Skirt Jacking Point Cover

    PM iNath, he has access to eCat :)
  7. Ipad Mod Sugestions Needed

    Cheers mate. Answered for me! :)
  8. My New Drl's

    Pee off with your spam :angry:
  9. Ipad Mod Sugestions Needed

    Not what you want... but how cool are these? lol
  10. Second Secret Compartment?????

    You could easily fit a 10 pack of cigs in there.... maybe a squeeze to get the lighter in too though :P
  11. Thought Someone Might Find This Interesting

    I seen that a while back mate, good find that is! Never got a quote of them so can't comment on the prices. Wonder if its expensive....
  12. Contemplating A Fiesta

    MG? Oh no Audi A4 for me mate.
  13. Small Details

    Spray your plastics? Footwell lights? Have a search for mods threads for other ideas.
  14. Speaker Size And Folding Mirrors On Mk7 Zs

    Look forward to the follow up, nice one mate!
  15. Speaker Size And Folding Mirrors On Mk7 Zs

    Good idea mate nice one :D
  16. Demon Plates

    Mines are metal pressed direct from Germany......
  17. New Fiesta St Video

    Don't like it at all....
  18. Removing The Air Vent Bezels. Mk6

    Prise them off with a screwdriver wrapped in a cloth mate, wee bit at a time as you go round the vent. :)
  19. New Tyres For 17" (Street Pack) Alloys?

    I have UniRoyal Rainsport2's....
  20. Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned...

    Either VW or Megane 250 for me mate.
  21. Idiots On Motorways

    Yeah I seen the dogs one, really good watch that was.
  22. Your Fiesta

    TripleR Composites mate, £72.50 delivered. Thanks for the comments :) Full lenght piccy -
  23. Your Fiesta

    Thanks :) Gloss black plastic mate.
  24. Your Fiesta

    Wee update! Fitted my splitter.....
  25. Fitting 'ford Power' Start Button In Fiesta Mk7

    Agreed! Excellent guide Ben, many thanks! Mines still working a treat :)