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  1. Tuning boxes have vastly improved over the years and now even, dare I say it, Audi owners are using them...
  2. They're fine, people just need to understand, like every other gizmo that comes along, it's been tested and once you're used to it you'll think nothing of it. I have been driving for 44 years and used mechanical handbrakes for 43 of them and I don't find it an issue. Good things: 1) It releases automatically when you pull away, even if the car is cold, as long if you're wearing the selt belt and the drivers door is closed. 2) It will automatically activate when you are stationary and then release the selt belt, open the door or turn the engine off. 3) Can be used as an emergency brake. Bad things: 1) No handbrake turns, well on my car because it operates on all four wheels.
  3. You do realise the DRL's dim when the headlamps are on?
  4. They all do it and ours did, however when it went in for a first service I mentioned it and now it seems much better. I am sure that they can turn down the sensitivity...
  5. It was on my 2011 1.6 Ecoboost, they all had it...
  6. I had a remapped 150ps ecoboost and the performance was very good, and it made a nice noise. I could also get 57mpg on a run with 36mpg around town. If you get a Bluefin from Superchips you can remove the map when the car goes into a service and I've never had that detected. Superchips also will give you a one year warranty against mechanical failure...
  7. Hi, Ford have realised this, the ecoboosts have water cooled turbo bearings with an electric pump that will run on for a while after the engine has been stopped, because of the start/stop. This means that the turbo bearings will continue to be cooled after switching the engine off...
  8. Hi, so you basically agree with me???
  9. Hi, firstly microsoft are not responsible for the voice recognition, this is software designed by Dragon who produce the voice recognition software for the PC, and it works well there. However it is to Ford specification thus I doubt if MS are to blame for anything. Secondly, I frequent a focus forum that is for the US built version and from what I am reading any issues with the sync system, and it is a different one, have been largely sorted out and the majority of owners are happy with it. Far more cars are sold in the US too. Although now in the US any update can be performed by USB, on request, this wasn't the case in the begining, thus I expect this to be the same here. But where you get £80 from I don't know and I think you are confusing a ecu update, which can take more than an hour. A sync update is unlikely to take this long. Probably Ford are holding back so that they can produce an update that will fix all reported issues not one that fixes a couple. Obviously this takes longer...
  10. cuke

    Titanium X

    What rubbish, we've had a Titanium X for several months now. I'd report that kind of attitude directly to Ford as is outrageous and they have no right being a Ford dealership...
  12. Hi, if you are talking new shape the titanium doesn't have keyless or a start button as standard and they are part of a pack, but the titanium x does. However it does have Bluetooth...
  13. HI, well I haven't noticed any difference in driving the fiesta to my own, 4-cylinder, focus. The five speed box on the fiesta is higher geared, thus I can drive my own focus in 5th at 30mph but the fiesta is happier in 3rd, so this might be a contributing factor and maybe I am automatically compensating. However I would doubt very much if this is a problem in any shape or form...
  14. Hi, the ecoboost has a electric water pump and this will continue to run for a while to circulate water around the turbo bearings. It might be this causing that noise...