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  1. "yes" that old chestnut! Not been around for a while... as my last couple of cars have been "shock horror" not Fords. Suzuki swift sport and now Renault RS Clio 200t (yes, there are actually some of us out there that actually rather like these cars). Could really do with something a bit bigger now (well that's my excuse). So was thinking around the lines of a Focus ST3 (+ a few tasty extras). But was wondering what sort of lead times there are from ordering a car and getting delivery these days? Could ask a dealer I suppose, but they do have a tendency to just pull a figure out of the air (or that's what it seems like at times)! I had sort of assumed 3/4 months from order to delivery but have been a little surprised to see on the Focus ST forum, that some folks appear to have been waiting 6 months + (especially for an ST3)!!! I had sort of assumed, start looking late May / early June for an October delivery. But now starting to think this might not be early enough...... Just wonder what peoples experiences are at the moment. As the current Focus has been out a while now, you would sort of think that things should have improved a bit. Thanks in advance :)
  2. Focus Order/delivery Times

    Makes my two and a half weeks sound like a long time (ha ha).
  3. Caution to ST owners

    Anyone buying a new car (what ever the make) on any sort of finance, would have to be MAD not to take out GAP insurance (VRI being the best). As pretty much all cars drop a ton of money over the first couple of years! As pointed out, third party GAP (EG. DirectGAP) will be "at least" half the price that a dealer will try and sell you. For example. A mate of mine had his brand new RS Clio trophy written off by some idiot T-boning him (think it was around 2/3 months old). Insurance offered around £17.5k for a car with a retail price of around £23k (with a couple of extras). Thank God he had GAP insurance. OP... the figures you quote are really because there are HUGE discounts to be had on Ford's with little or no effort. Where I'm guessing Lexus don't discount any where near as heavily. In my case, got almost 20% off a brand new Focus ST3, almost every option box had been ticked as well (cancelled order). Most people don't push any where near hard enough when negotiating for a new car (worked in the motor trade for a while, so I have first hand experience here).
  4. Focus Order/delivery Times

    Decided to bite the bullet and get one any way. Managed to pick up a cancelled order. Focus st3 in race red. Did want Tangerine Scream, but that would have required a factory order. While the red one was already built and sat in the compound in Holland awaiting a new owner. Bought via CARWOW, so got a decent discount. Had it a couple of months now and can't really fault it. Handling and performance spot on (though it does have the Mountune stage one upgrade). If being picky... The Sync2 system wants an overhaul (sync 3 available soon I guess). And why no front parking sensors? And why do the doors not auto lock when you walk away from the car? (my previous two motors had key-less entry and did this!). And why do the doors not auto lock when you drive off? (to prevent car jacking etc.). Only real complaint about the car, is the paintwork! Not the best paint job I've ever had on a car!! There are a number of small patches where there are "bits" under the paint (something obviously got on the body shell during spraying). Not really visible unless you look hard while cleaning the car but never the less... Not too worried, as the car is only on a 2 year PCP. I did have a moan about it to the supplying dealer and Ford themselves (more because I like a good moan than anything). Other than the above, probably one of the best cars I've bought. Be nice if it did more than 26/28 MPG though. Can't have everything I suppose (ha ha). Though I have seen 36 MPG on a restrained run. But what's the point of having a car like this and driving like Miss Daisy.
  5. Time To Move On ...

    Bought the Fiesta 1.25 as a stop gap until I could decide on what to purchase next for the long haul.... Did give serious consideration to another Fiesta, either a metal or mountune. But decided in the end that I'd like something a bit different. So after much deliberation, I pick up my new Suzuki Swift sport tomorrow (a late Christmas present to myself). The current generation Fiesta is a pretty decent motor in any engine/spec and rightly deserves it's place as the UK's top selling super mini. Can I thank all the folks that have offered help and assistance on a couple of issues. A nice friendly forum this is. Thanks again, enjoy your cars and have a great New Year Regards Mike
  6. Heated Windscreen Washers!

    Must admit that I have wondered about this myself. For what I assume is a pretty small cost (relatively speaking) I consider this is a major omission on the Fiesta. You get heated rear/front screens and heated mirrors but no heated washer jets! Doesn't matter how strong you mix your screen wash... with exposed washer jets like this.... your ambient -5C (like this morning) is God only knows what with a 50/60+ mph wind hitting the jets!! A much better design would be to recess the washer jets down by the windscreen wipers. I've had this on other cars and they don't freeze up half as much.
  7. What Should I Use For The Spare Wheel?

    First thing I bought myself was a full size spare alloy, loads of companies selling them on the internet (some are even Ford suppliers). Just make sure you get a bi-directional tyre fitted (IE. can be fitted either side of the car). As comment by other folks, it fits perfectly in the boot. A simple jack can easily be obtained from a breakers yard, or in my case... off good old Ebay.
  8. Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    Rattle back. So tried the "electricians plastic tape" as per magenta and now appears 100% sorted. Hard to believe that much noise was emanating from such a small thing. Quiet at last......
  9. Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    Yep... I've had this problem since I purchased my 6 month old MK7 and it's been annoying the hell out of me. Other than this, the car is surprisingly quiet of rattles / noises (never did sort a similar noise in my Ibiza!). Totally agree that it's the back hatch locking mechanism. Mine would appear to be fixed by adjusting the "striker plate" (IE. the steel plate that the hatch locks onto when you shut the back hatch).Took a fair bit of fiddling (and a T40 bit for my wrench), as the plate adjusts up/down and left/right and any combination of these! And you have to adjust it "just right" to line up with the locking mechanism in the hatch. I found you need it so that the hatch requires a fair slam (without over doing it of course)to shut. Only tried a quick test drive tonight, but hopefully sorted. Funny thing is... the rear hatch (on my car at least) is not 100% square and true. Even just resting the hatch on the locking mechanism (without actually shutting it), you can see that the "shut line" between the bottom edge of the hatch and the car "rises slightly from left to right". Not that its that obvious, but if you look closely you can see it. Just a hinge on the hatch not 100% aligned properly I suspect. Fingers crossed that's sorted it for me.
  10. Fiesta Engine Query

    Hi Just a quick query. As title says.... Has the 1.6 engine ever been available in a trim other than in the highest spec. level? or is this just something that's started with the MK7? It's just that I originally wanted a MK7 1.6. But it had to be a 5-door. And on looking around, it only appears to be available in the top spec. And most of the extras in Titanium spec. are things I'm not interested in (other than maybe auto air-con / climate control). Plus it adds a fair bit to the price. So it came down to a choice between a 1.25 and a 1.4 and I'll be damned if I could really tell / feel "that much" difference in performance between the 2 engines!So decided to get the cheaper car, also happened to be in the nice light blue that I wanted. The plus side I suppose is that it gave me enough left over to upgrade my gaming PC. Be nice if they added the 1.6 to the zetec line up in the MK7.5 / 8.
  11. Fiesta Engine Query

    Slightly confused here. The 1.6 does appear to be available already but only in Titanium spec. Though I agree with "and the 1.25 and 1.4 while less fun to drive are quite good for a car this size and weight". No disrespect ... but not sure though that I would describe the Fiesta as a "city car" myself. Think I would put it in the supermini class. :)
  12. Mk7 Scuff Plates

    Here you go. Difficult to get a really decent picture, what with them being very shiny. They do the job though and look decent enough to my eyes. Though I suspect the Lockwood ones are probably just as good. Now I wonder if the 2-door ones are slightly longer? The 5-door ones can't be any longer, as the sill starts to curve upwards at the outer edges (if you see what I mean).
  13. What Do You Want On Facelift Mk7.5

    1. I 2nd moving electric window switches to a slightly less arm breaking position. 2. Do something to reduce glare / distortion from sun shining off dash onto front windscreen (I suspect made worse by it having a heating element in it!). 3. 1.6 engine available in Zetec spec please (IE. not interested in a lot of the extras in the Titanium spec). 4. Add an option to the list for a full size spare (with a choice of alloy or steel wheel). It's just cost me the better part of £200 to buy a spare alloy (didn't want a steel spare), tyre and a jack! 5. Rear electric windows on 5 door models please.
  14. Mk7 Scuff Plates

    Exactly why I purchased a set myself (IE. marks on drivers sill from previous owner). I got the Ford stainless steel ones with "Fiesta" written on them for £50. I'll take a snap tomorrow and post a picture for you. PS. I see you are in the Dumfries area as well.
  15. Car Jack

    Quick question. I've done a search but still a little unsure. Not happy that my new MK7 did not have a full size spare, I bought a full size alloy O/L and put a new tyre on. But still stuck with no jack. I have asked my local dealer but he was a bit vague about it. So was just wondering if I need a specific Ford jack for the Fiesta, or will any scissor jack do? It looks like the original is just designed to slot over the sill joint. So it looks like a generic one should do. Thanks in advance.
  16. Mk7 Esp

    Hi everyone First post for me. Just bought a 6 month old Fiesta 1.25 zetec and was wondering how I can tell if it has ESP? From searching the forum, I've seen a comment that cars built after June 2010 have it as standard. Well. I've de-coded my VIN and the letters AM would appear to indicate it was built July 2010 (NB. first registered 27/9/2010). And when I switch on the engine, one of the lights that quickly appears then disappears, seems to show a car with wavy lines (ESP light!?). So I'm assuming it has ESP but wondered if anyone could corroborate this. Nice little car. Bit of a culture shock performance wise. Though an interesting drive anyway. Certainly different from my previous three cars (Subaru Impreza WRX turbo's). Just got fed up of the humongous running costs and now I only do a tinnny mileage, could not see the point in such an expensive car sitting in the garage 99% of its time. Or it could just be that I'm getting old! (don't answer that!).
  17. Mk7 Esp

    Thanks for that. I sort of assumed as much but thought I'd check with some more knowledgeable folks.
  18. Mk7 Esp

    Try going from a 4x wheel drive 250bhp Impreza to a Fiesta with 80bhp! Though if there's one thing almost 40 years driving has taught me, is that you can enjoy most modern cars. If you ignore the 0-60, you can even have fun (in a safe and sensible way of course)in a basic small car. The Fiesta takes the twisties pretty well and in a strange way, it can be almost ("almost") as much fun trying to extract the most from a small car, then a genuine fast car. If you see what I mean. :)
  19. Mk7 Esp

    Thanks for that. An interesting and useful site. Gives an interesting amount of info. but does not appear to mention ESP! Only "With IVD/Traction Control/ABS". Makes me wonder why I appear to have an ESP light on the dash if I don't have ESP!! I could ask the dealer I bought it from, but as he has already told me that "double clicking the lock button on the remote activates the alarm system" (which I'm pretty sure it doesn't have! and that it just activates the dead locks) I'm not sure I would put much credence in his reply.
  20. Car Jack

    You make a good point. I'll have to have a look how big they are, as there's a fair bit of stuff in my boot at the best of times. Thanks.
  21. Car Jack

    Yep... I had looked on Ebay but was put off by another post that I had seen saying that the jack for the MK7 was somehow "different". Not sure if anything in that comment though. Thanks though.