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  1. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    My 2008 zetec has them, after reading this post went out and hey presto, bulbs in sorted
  2. Focus Facelift

    Thnks anyway :) i had a MK2 before this, and know how to remove those panels Mite ask elsewhere, must be someone who know's
  3. Focus Facelift

    Hi guys/gals Anyone know how the hell you remove the door panels from an 2008 focus?? Reason why i ask, i'm wanting to put puddle lights under the doors and i think the wiring is in the door handle (i hope) the lights are LED strip lights, and thought it mite be a nice mod Thanks in advance
  4. Cheers Lenny. mite just start a new one see what info i can get B)
  5. Any Biker Out There?

    Started on a fizzy at 16 years old, and never grew out of them. Had a lot of bikes over the years and settled (for now) with a black kawasaki 2006 636 and a zx6 trackbike and a few others lol our son gas a little NSR and a zx6
  6. New Ford Focus Titanium

    I think i'm in love, nice looking focus the inside is brill. Nice pickys too :)
  7. Fantastic post, this is going to help me a lot. thanks PS: can you do one for the door panels now, screwed if i know lol :D
  8. Interior Light

    Hi All Sorry if this has been covered(i did have a look but can't find it) Where the hell is the door switch that turns the interior lights on?? Both the focus and fizzy don't seem to have any wanting to wire some puddle lights up but no switch to connect too. Thanks in advance :D
  9. Hi All

    Hi all Just popped into say hi Long history with fords in fact i don't think i have owned anything else and its a god send to find a ford forum with plenty of info Have 2 fords at the mo 05 fiesta for the wife and 08 focus for me, both in black have fun
  10. Window Tinting On A Focus

    Hi there is a firm in leeds that are mobile and do travel (dont know the cost on this) but i know they do a lot for dealers up and down the country www.autodesigntints.co.uk or try dappa tints same company we have had 5 cars done over the years with this company, and about to get another 2 done on one of their web sites it tells you about aftercare IE:how lony it takes to dry etc All the best from the newbie