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  1. Does anybody know the way to change head and side light bulbs on a 2008 mondeo without having to involve a Ford dealer. My last car took 2-3 minutes to do but on this one I cannot see how it is done without dismantling the front of the car. Thanks
  2. CD Shuffle

    I have a new Mk4 Mondeo. (October 2008) and if I select the shuffle option for the CD it will only remain selected whilst the ignition is on. Next time the ignition is turned on I have to select the shuffle option again. Is this a fault or is it normal and does anybody know a way to keep it permanently active. Thanks
  3. Mysterious Acessory

    Thanks for that. The dealer must have been desoerate to get rid of them if we all got one.
  4. Mysterious Acessory

    Photo is attached. Taken with handbook so you can judge the size.
  5. Mysterious Acessory

    Several of us in the office have recently taken delivery of new Mondeo's and they have all come with a peice of thick wire bent into an intricate shape. The handbook does not mention it and none of us know what is is supposed to be used for. Can anybody offer an explanation??
  6. Centre Console

    I have just got a 2008 titanium estate as a company car and I want to tap into the back of the 12v socket next to the rear seat ashtray in the centre console but I cannot figure how to get the panel off. The top comes away but not the bottom. I also tried to get at it through the centre console storage box but even after removing the two screws it is stuck fast. Do I have to take the whole console to bits or am I missing something. Hope somebody can tell me.!!!!