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  1. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone would know what a 'Ford' service would consist of? Sounds strange I know. But I have just purchased a new Cmax ecoboost and was transferring the service plan from my old cmax(56 plate) to the new (13plate). The service costs per month had doubled for the new car to £27.49 based on 16k per year. They said it was down to the fact that my previous contract was not a genuine ford service. So I asked them to compare it against my wifes 62 plate ecoboost focus. This was £12 per month based on 6k... I know the mileage is different but a service is service isn't it? Aparantlely bristol street said to service my cmax would be £273 and for the focus £191 (for the first service) how come??
  2. Hi there, A good repair shop is Mintro (Worcester) They are really good and don't mind using parts that you have purchased, they are really honest too. 01905 25712
  3. wickerman999

    How Long For Ecu To Bed In On New Car?

    Hi Jeebow, Many thanks for that. So how does the ecu actually adapt to the type of driver? How clever are these things?
  4. Hi all, I have just got a new '13plate Cmax (ecoboost). I just wondered how long it takes roughly for the ECU to recognise your drivng style and provide a fairly accurate MPG reading? Cheers
  5. wickerman999

    St3 Exhaust Noise Control

    Hi all, I just wondered if you could control the level of noise from the exhaust in an st? I thought I read it somewhere that you could control it
  6. wickerman999

    2013 C Max Zetec

    Hi, I am not sure, it seems to be part of the econetic thing. It is standard on all the focus models.
  7. wickerman999

    2013 C Max Zetec

    Hi, Many thanks for that. It is a little weird though as the list says that I haven't got certain things but I have them. Does anyone else have a new cmax with or without these grille shutters?
  8. wickerman999

    2013 C Max Zetec

    Hi there, Sorry for asking this but no one in ford can help me. I have just collected a 2013 cmax zetec 1l ecoboost. Should it have the active grille shutters as my wife's focus has them and the brochure says it should but it hasn't. When you look through the grille you can see straight through to the rad. Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. wickerman999

    Iphone And Bluetooth

    Hi there, I have heard this too. My wife recently had a new focus and the garage told her that she may have some issues with it. To be honest I configred an iphone 4 & 5 to it and they work fine. I think the only thing where it slips up a bit is the talk to text thing.
  10. Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone from this site has ever tried the tdi-tuning things that are advertised on here? My main interest is fuel economy. I have a 2.0 tdci c-max 56plate. Cheers
  11. Hi all, I have a 56plate C-max TDCI 2.0ghia. Upon talking to a friend that has a fairly new c-max, he said that he has seen the miles before empty figure go up when he is driving. When I look at mine regardless of what journey I do and driving style, it has never gone back up. In fact when I fill up it usually says 450 miles before empty but then I usually only cover around 380-390ish. I don't have a lead right foot either, so I am not sure where it is going wrong. Also serviced recently too. Any advice?
  12. Hi all, I have a 56plate C-max 2.0 TDCI with 40000 on the clock. I have just (about 2months ago) had it serviced at a Ford dealer, but noticed it seems to be eating more fuel than before I had it done. According to the screen it tells me I average around 55-60mpg but it seems to be doing less. It might be due to the weather and me having the heating fan on all the time?? Has anyone else had the same thing?
  13. Hello all, Straight forward question this one. Do diesel tuning boxes work? (In terms of improving your mpg)? They seem to click into the air intake. I gotta 2.0TDCI C-max and looking interested in them. Thank
  14. Hi all, Possibly a stupid question, I am not sure. I have a 56 plate Cmax Ghia 2.0 TDCI and just had it serviced (37K on clock). When stationery with or without your handbrake on and the engine ticking over, I have noticed the MPG dropping. Is this normal? As i always look at the MPG and not noticed it before. I suppose it would make sense to drop as the engine is using diesel, but as I said I have never noticed it before and a friends does not do it. Cheers
  15. Hi all, I just wondered what your thoughts were with regards to braking. Is it more economical to slow down using your gears or slow down using your brakes? Also, does using cruise control use more mpg? I have a 56reg C-max ghia 2ltr diesel by the way. Many thanks