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  1. High Revving When Accelerating

    thanks artscot is this something that is totally irrelevant to having the clutch changed then?
  2. High Revving When Accelerating

    Well i had my clutch done on friday, all well and good bar one slight problem since ive had it back which i was wondering if anybody had any ideas on?? When i come to a junction and put the car into first gear the enginr revs upto about 2000 rpm for about 2 to 3 seconds before dropping back down to 900 on idle.. Any suggestions welcome.Could it have something to do with the new clutch??? As you can guess by now, i know nothing about cars
  3. High Revving When Accelerating

    Hi Jeebowhite After talking to a couple of clutch garages over the phone, they told me that would definately be the clutch.I have also had a chat to the boss of the garage where i'm taking it, and he agrees.He will probably take it for a test run anyway, but i will tell him to do so when i take the car in just too make sure.
  4. High Revving When Accelerating

    Thankyou evrybody for your post replys.The car is booked in for friday for a new 3 part clutch assembley at £215 plus vat from a family known garage that i have used for years. Once again thanks for your replys and fingers crossed for the next 2 days of motoring
  5. High Revving When Accelerating

    Hi all Was wanting to see if anybody has got any ideas on this problem..?? I have a 2002 focus 1.4cl About 6 months ago this problem first started intermitantly,but now seems to be almost constant.When trying to accelerate my revs go sky high depending on how much pressure i am putting on the accelerator(not trying to drive like an idiot),and my speed does not go up,or goes up very very slowly.subsequently i have to back off the accelerator and apply a minimal amount of pressure to get any speed up which is very very slow.This happens in every gear, though not so much in first for some reason.