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  1. ^^^ The above problem was fixed when they introduced the mk7 ^^^
  2. Are the mondeo and your current box not the same ? Seems a bit odd that they would change the box on what is essentially the same engine ?
  3. Hi guys, currently residing in the fiesta section. But spotted a 2.2 mondeo tit x on the auto trader today, was tempted to go and have a peek. Anyone know anything about these, especially the engine area, known problems etc etc, any help would be appreciated.
  4. Cannot for the life of me work out how to copy and paste a link from ebay onto here from my phone, but ive just bought a dash cam, and hard wired it into place. Its a Mio Mivue 538 Deluxe, the Deluxe model comes with free lifetime fixed speed camera updates. Done a few miles with it. And got to say its very impressive. The picture when viewed on a laptop or tv is VERY good. Easily able to read number plates, road signs etc. Not the cheapest model on the market. Seen it in halfords at £150 but secured one on ebay for £122, it's a very neat looking unit and very capable to. Didn't want to plump for a cheaper one off ebay as my dad has one fitted in his car. But even though his 'says' HD 1080p recording, when viewing them both on a laptop, the difference is worlds apart. Even has its own software to view your recordings with GPS, showing time/date/speed. All in all, an excellent bit of kit amd it my opinion, worth every penny......
  5. Try pulling the nozzle of the pump out a fraction... should cure it. You'll get to the point where you know exactly where it needs to be.
  6. The beige stuff is normal, its a kind of sealant. The wer boot floor is a common problem and can be a nightmare to locate. I had a swimming pool where my spare wheel went... And it all stemmed from a pin hole under one of the rubber roof gutters !!! But others report the same from round the hinge that holds the tailgate on.
  7. The twitchy feeling is normal in any car if you are touching two different surfaces. And you will feel it more if running low profile tyres. As far as the voice controls, I think the way your having to input the information is the only way you can do it... may be corrected, but I've had to do this on mine. I guess the general idea is MOST people would only want a few contacts to be used on voice dial. IE, regularly dialled numbers.
  8. This is not always the cure. It would obviously be the first port of call. But in my case, the system was bled, problem still there, then it was pressure bled at a garage, still the same. Then ford diagnosed the ABS control module, replaced it, pressure bled it again and its been fine ever since....
  9. Had this on mine on the test drive, garage said they would sort it before I picked it up. Few days later after their mechanics were left scratching their heads it ended up in fords. Turned out to be the ABS unit, apparently its quite a common problem ? But it cost the garage nearly £300 to put right... but did solve the problem.
  10. Does it on mine to, but its nothing to do with DPF regeneration, as mine doesn't have one.
  11. First thing to do is check the fuses. Although it uses a twin element bulb, the wiring to each light will be different. So look for rear tail light fuse, and see if that helps.
  12. This was covered a week or so ago. Plenty of people (myself included ) are experiencing the same symptoms as you are. But nobody was actually able to shed any light as to what causes it. Irritates the life out of me just not knowing.........?
  13. I also get this happen on occasions. Still for the life of me ain't got a clue what it is?
  14. Yes there should be an audible noise to accompany the flashing. Very much doubt there will be anything in the settings on the car as its a base model mk6 and that kind of trickery wasn't really around back then. Probably a relay problem or something similar.
  15. It does indeed just pull off, try starting from the side closest to the handbrake. Pull hard on each corner left and right and it should pull free, approach with more caution the other 2 clips closer to the heater controls, as I managed to break one of mine on first time removal. ( can't tell once put back together, but either way, I now its there lol ) then you should be able to gain access to the bits required.