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  1. As it says in the title, MOT FAILURE!!! And here goes the list. Nearside fron (rear bush) suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excess movement Offside rear brake hose excessively deteriorated offside front brake hose excessively deteriorated Offside rear brake pip oxcessively corroded Nearside rear (inner wheel arch) suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded Offside rear (inner wheel arch) suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded Offside rear subframe mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded and offside outer (sill area) seat belt anchorage proscribed area is excessively corroded This is one epic fail on the behalf of my car!! Anyone know if any of this is 'easy' to do, as my boyfriend knows a fair few bits about cars and can do many things. Any suggestions will be very appreciated
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    Hi, im new to this whole members stuff, i was just hoping to get help with my car as i am female lol and dont know much about fiestas only had it a little while and only a few things have gone wrong with it, just the heater control valve was the main thing which i was told was a very common thing to go wrong and was very annoying as my car was constantly boiling hot!!! lol. But there are just little niggly things now, and also i want to modify it a little bit, its only mk4 1999, its not a zetec s, but it has a zetec engine so i want to make the body the zetec one!! Hope everyone will be able to help me! Thanks Guys