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  1. Laptop Going Crazy

    Hi fiesta_Lad, Had this before and found it out to be a windows update !! a real pain,It is a known problem, not sure if it is generic to all systems or machine specific, as Sidge says putting it back to default should sort it out, failing that reloading IE
  2. Microsoft Office

    Hi, I have been building,diagnosing and repairing systems for the past 15 years now. If the offer they are making of Ultimate is the full office suite then it is definitely worth having, you must try to find out what you are getting for your money as some offers made are somtimes reduced in the way of content (i.e. only word, publisher and front page are included) so therefore you may have to pay more for other modules to make it the full deal, having said that, In my expirience ACER are a good reliable machine. Have fun
  3. New To The Site

    Hi guy's, new to the site but not mororing. At present i'm running a Focus C Max 1.6 TDCI Auto,04 plate. Despite the fairly well known issue of the gear selector on the auto's of going into "crawl home mode" ! my car currently stands at 96,000 miles so pretty good so far, i put up with it cos' the comfort and mileage is so good (520-560 miles per tank). One of the only niggles is no RDS on the flippin Radio so looking for somewhere to purchase a 6000 wirh RDS to upgrade. If anybody knows where i might get one can they drop me a line. Thanks