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  1. Semi Auto Gearbox

    Hi, I have a 53 plate Semi Auto Fiesta and seem to have a problem. The car wont change gear whilst in auto mode until the revs hit 3500, usually gear changes happen at about 2500 (depending on circumstances) In manual mode everything is fine. last week I had an erc fault display come up but I shot a can of cleaner down the throttle body intake and it ran a treat, now this fault has occurred. In addition unless I decelerate very gently it cuts out at junctions etc and it wont idle properly although the idle fault comes and goes. It had a new ECU about two years ago, it changes fine in manual mode, there are no warning lights showing, errrrr any thoughts
  2. P0700 And P0300 Fault

    Phew!!!!! My 2003 Semi Auto 1.4 Fiesta has deveolped a fault. History.. A couple of days ago, it simply would not start, this has to be done with the gear selector in neutral and foot on the brake. Fiddled about and bridged the plug which connects to the gear stick and hey presto it started and ran fine. parked up at the end of the day alls well. Next morning NOTHING... fiddled again and eventually after many attempts it started again and ran fine, stopped the engine a few times and it started fine. Tried it again this morning and NOTHING, got a mate to plug in his diagnostic gizmo and it shows a P0700 and P0300 fault. P0300 is mutiple misfire fault (engine wont run but could this be because the transmission is not sececting the correct gear)and the P0700 is TCM. When I switch on ignition, the Engine Management Light remains on but the transmission light will sometmes come on and other times not, if I move the stick about the light will eventually come on again. Guess I am going to have to take it to Fords but has anyone any idears. I know electrical faults can be a sod to locate but I'm just a bit concerner it could be one of the very expensive bits that may have gone - but why would it run- when it does- with no obvious signs of a fault if this were so. What is the actuator, Fords tell me that could be £1000 to replace.
  3. Water Pump

    I have a 53 plated 1.4 Semi Auto Fiesta and I think the water pump is knackered, I know that back in 2003, a batch of this model did have defective water pumps and I think mine is giving up the ghost. Do I need to lift the engine or can this be replaced whilst in situ. any advice please
  4. Water Pump

    Thanks for the info, Had the cam belt change last year when the head gasket went