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  1. 2006 2.0 Lx Auto Questions

    Hi I drive a 2004 LX TDCi 130 manual and my understanding is that the chain will last the life of the engine. Make sure you do regular oil & filter changes with good quality for both, keep levels correct and there should be no problem. My car has done 121000 miles, uses no oil between 6000 mile changes, runs beautifully. I'm considering an auto when I replace mine but I wonder about mpg and the higher road tax. Can you let me know your experiences? Andrew
  2. I note that the standard LX steel wheels are fitted with nuts onto studs. Are the alloy wheels fitted to the Zetec car on nuts or bolts? If nuts, are they the same as the steels or a different size/profile? Many thanks for any observations or experiences? Thanks
  3. I'm interested on the views and experiences of any owners of Ford Mondeo 130 TDCi Mk3 cars with the automatic transmission. How is the drieability and reliability? With so many Mondeo's produced, there's bound to be the odd horror story but none of us want to own it. I've read about auto boxes needing to be placed at 60k and even clutches on the manual but is that likely to be due to bad driving/ maintenance or an inherent engineering flaw? I have a manual car which returns an average of 46mpg with a best of 53.4mpg on a long, steady journey. What mpg is likely with the automatic? How does the automatic cope with towing? Any others thoughts, ideas and opinions would be welcome as I'm thinking of buying an auto when I change my present car? Thanks.