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  1. Hi Guys, Long time no post, hope all is well here. I wanted to what mileage everyone got to with the same car as me, before having to get the Eolys fluid topped up. I had mine topped up at 37k miles, and now at 88k the Engine Malfunction has come on (straight after fuelling up), with Forscan showing Eolys fluid empty. Car is running fine and isn't in limp mode (yet!). I've heard anecdotal evidence of people getting to 80k miles without even realising they needed this fluid, so I'm a little surprised to be needing a top up after 50k if this is the case. As such, I'm wondering if they didn't reset the counter when they refilled it at 37k. I only ever put full tanks of diesel in as I hate going to the petrol station so aim to do it as little as possible - I understand this should, if anything, prolong the life of the fluid as the car is being refuelled less compared to someone putting a tenner in at once and the Eolys dosing every time. I'm most likely going to refill it myself (been under it and seen the little tank/connectors), and can reset myself using Forscan - excellent piece of software and works great with my cheap Chinese bluetooth OBD2 adaptor. Did have to install Windows on my MacBook though :( So - TLDR - what mileage did you get to before you needed to top up the Eolys fluid on your 1.6 TDCI (110)?
  2. As for the heat, this is exactly what mine does too! Is a lifesaver in the cold mornings! No funky smell though. I am on the original DPF though :) Temp gauge takes ages to get to 90. Getting hot air immediately regardless of gauge.
  3. According to www.etis.ford.com for my car - With Supplemental Air Heater Not entirely sure if this is it though. Perhaps there's a fuse you can check the absence/presence of? ​Warm air comes from my vents straight away, even from cold. If I don't take the motorway to work the coolant doesn't ever get to 90 before the end of my journey.
  4. 2008 1.6 TDCI with the dreaded DPF here. Does short runs most of the week, the odd long run at the weekends. No problems to report after 50 odd thousand miles. Dee is spot on above - this time of year, 450 miles out of a full tank on short trips, closer to 600 on mixed. Tax is £30 a year. Love this car. Other than glow plugs going, not a single problem. And yes, it is starting to develop the odd rattle, but it's a 6 year old car!
  5. Mine (2008 1.6 TDCI Zebec) takes ages (15 mins at least) for the temp gauge to reach 90. Luckily I seem to have that pre-heater thing, and warm air comes from the vents straight away if I whack it unto full temp.
  6. Mine's the same recently. Literally said the same thing this morning. Assuming it's just getting colder and perhaps we're not on "winter" diesel yet?
  7. Still does it. Not got any worse. Mine does increase with revs though, and tends to stop about 10 mins into the journey.
  8. Sound anything like this? My car has made this noise from when I got it at 17k. It's unto 50k now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YD1h3lerDg
  9. Thanks for coming back to advise of the fix. Always helpful!
  10. Mine said 11 miles remaining the other day and I filled it with 51.5 litres! Given it's a 53 litre tank I'd say this is pretty accurate, if not a little conservative. Was quite concerned about running out of fuel tbh, especially being a diesel.
  11. Get a code reader on it, but mine did something similar, at least on startup. If you gave the glow plugs chance to think, it went into limp mode immediately. Just turning it over quickly and it didn't seem to notice. As the 1.6 TDI (mine) uses the plugs for DPF regeneration however, mine had a habit of coming back on after a few miles driving. New glow plugs in the end sorted it. Code reader will tell you for certain though. I used a bluetooth one and an android phone.
  12. I'd look at giving it a nice long blast on the motorway in 4th tbh, now that it can regenerate properly. Agreed, mine is staying legal also.
  13. Sounds like a right pain. I remember when mine went into limp mode once, going up a hill on Woodhead Pass. Quite scary. Keep us updated!
  14. Question - is it even possible for these things to smoke, what with the DPF? Or will the DPF just clog?
  15. Changing the pollen filter is an absolute nightmare. Took me ages, and ached for days afterwards. Never again.
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