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  1. Mk3 Actuator?

    Hi Had the glowplug light and limp mode problem on my TDCi (130 facelift) (again). Took it to a mechanic who said the actuator arm seems to be stuck (?) He has offered to take off, clean/recondition and refit for £250. Alternatively I can get a turbo from the scrap yard for £75 and he will fit for £100. However, I've heard about people cleaning and unsticking their actuator arms quite cheaply - though can't seem to find much online as to how to access it or clean it. Can anyone help? I've done the odd bit of home mechanics at home but nothing major - not even sure where the turbo is on these and how to access it! Is this a relatively easy job to do? Thanks!
  2. Code Reader Liverpool Area?!

    I should add that I have a MOndeo 2.0 tdci 2004/53 plate!
  3. Hi So I could do with the use of a code reader quick sharp, wondered if anyone in my area (Liverpool) had one I could use for a fee?! Thanks in advance! Gavin Quote MultiQuote Edit
  4. Hi I'm having quite a few problems at the moment, not least the intermittent glow plug light headache! I've noticed lately that occasionally when driving, when I change the gear, the revs seem to drop down momentarily, which makes the car feel as if it jumps slightly. Can anyone tell me what this could indicate? Thanks! Gavin
  5. Advice/help

    Hi. not even sure this is in the right place but... I looked under my car to locate that annoying pipe/frame vibration. When I put my head under I noticed a lot of what seems to be oil between the hose and pipe. instead of trying to describe it I thought I'd upload a pic or two. If you could tell me what it is/whats going on I'd be grateful! Thanks
  6. Mot Advisory?

    Hi there Still relatively new to this so please bear with me... Just bought a mk3 zetec. On the MOT I was given with the car one of the advisories is 'Play in steering rack inner joint(s)'. Can someone please let me know what this means, and if it's a big job etc? I can feel the effects as there is some play in the steering. Also at around 1300 to 1700 revs when accelerating there is a strange rumbling noise coming from the passenger side of the car under or in the engine - could this be linked? It doesn't sound like a metallic noise or rattling etc. Thanks for your help!
  7. Interior Lights Problem

    I couldn't find a fuse listed that's directly for that purpose, but I'll look again. I would have thought the fuses for the lights - the main one and the one that comes on when the door opens - would be the same (the bulb is the same). However I'll have a look! Thanks :)
  8. Hi there I've just bought a Mondeo Zetec (53) which I'm very pleased with! However there is one little niggle that is really bugging me - when I open the doors the footwell lights and interior light comes on, but that's it. The reading lights don't work and the main light (the one that comes on when the doors open) won't work either. I've tested the bulbs and they all work so I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on what it might be? Thanks!
  9. Hi all I have a strange rasp/rattle noise from my car. The weird thing about it is that this noise only occurs at 2000revs exactly, and goes away again as soon as I pass 2000revs. It also doesn't seem to happen when the car is cold, just when it warms up. I have been advised that it might be a heatshield has come loose. I have checked and the back box shield does have a screw/nut missing meaning its free a bit, but I'm unsure if this is the problem - why would it only happen at exactly 2000revs if that were the case?! If anyone can offer any help I'd be grateful. The car is a 1.7 Puma by the way. thanks!
  10. Do I Buy A Mk3 Mondeo?!

    OK after reading more and more on forums (which I shouldn't really do) I'm almost being put off buying a mondeo! Which is a shame as I really like them. But are other vehicles at this age mileage (+100k) really that more reliable? I'm a big fan of interiors (its where I spend most of my time with a car after all) and from all the cars I've looked at the mondeo seems to come out on top. I've been advised to go for Mazda 6 or Toyota Avensis, but they look kind of bland, interiors are pretty awful, and I;ve seen their fair share of problems too. I don't even know why I;'m writing this really, just venting I guess, hoping for some kind of epiphany!
  11. Hi, I've been looking round for a Mondeo. I've spotted on a website a 2004 ghia. It's very high miles at 160 000(!), the seller knows nothing of the clutch/flywheel but says it runs very well, there is also a fsh. The mot is until next jan, and tax until August. It's up for £950 and the seller is open to offers. Any idea what I should offer , or leave this well alone? Any opinions would be appreciated!
  12. Is This A Good Buy?

    Thanks for the advice. It is indeed the diesel ones I'm looking at. I'm looking at Mondeo's because after driving round recently in a Puma I;ve realised I prefer a bigger car (and like the performance and economy of turbo diesels I've had in the past, namely a Rover 75). Looking over these forums have almost put me off! But to be honest most makes and models have their common faults and I suppose simply looking over these forums can skew opinions etc. If you think this is bad, before the Mondeos I was looking at Renault Lagunas!
  13. Is This A Good Buy?

    So it's a good price? I'm thinking that for my budget (which is about the price of this car) I'm not going to get a ghia (or even a zetec?!) and a full service history?
  14. Hi there Just wanted your opinions on this - I;ve been looking at a Mondeo and think I'd like the Ghia rather than LX or even Zetec. I've spotted one that is an 04 model, 120 000 miles, some history, MOT until June and tax until end of this month. The guy I've spoken to briefly on the phone says that he doesn't know if any work has been carried out on the flywheel/clutch but that it drives very well and has few marks on it, apart from expected age related ones. The car is up for £1495. I'm asking for opinions as I'm not too clued up on the Mondeo market, and the car is too far away for me to travel to just to have a look (I'd only travel if I was certain I'd want to put an offer in and was getting a good deal). Any opinions/ideas would be appreciated! Thanks! Gavin
  15. Do I Buy A Mk3 Mondeo?!

    I remember when I used to work at Morrisons, I would always see the Texaco trucks supplying Morrisons with their fuel. Would it not be the same as Texaco garages? This is a whole new thing I had no idea about!