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  1. Ken Block's Ford Fiesta

    Epic video, preferred No.3 though. Loving the sideways jumps/landings :D Spend unfeasible amounts on this...... ■Ford Fiesta WRC chassis, built by M-Sport ■Ford "Ecoboost" 2.0L engine, 600bhp/665 ft-lbs max, built by PIPO Moteurs ■Garrett TR30R turbocharger with 45mm restrictor ■Brembo Monobloc WRC brakes ■Sadev 6 speed sequential transmission, transfer case, and rear end ■Reiger WRC suspension ■Cosworth Electronics Pectel MQ12 ECU ■Cosworth Electronics Pectel Hyllus power control module ■Cosworth Electronics Pectel DB1-RSHE card logger ■Cosworth Electronics Pectel MK4 RS Driver's dash ■Cosworth Electronics MFD I/O display ■Speedline forged wheels w/ Pirelli tires ■Recaro Ultima WRC carbon fiber seat Apparently the car has been built so they can set it up for gymkhana, rallycross and stage rallies really quickly and easily. Just a case of changing suspension/wheels/tyres/brakes/re-mapping and it's good to go!
  2. How Do You Know When Your Ac No Longer Works?

    Last time I took my old car for a re-gas at Kwik Fit, they found out that my compressor was broken so they didn't charge me for the time and said when it got repaired I could take it in for a free re-gas. I did have quite a good relationship with one of the techs though.
  3. Getting A S1600

    I usually do it once every 3 months, it lasts ages. As long as you regularly give the wheels a power wash/quick run over with a wet mitt ro remove light amounts of brake dust etc, it should last a long time.
  4. How Do You Know When Your Ac No Longer Works?

    Aye pretty much, take it to get re-gassed. Look around though, I'm sure I've seen it priced around about £35 for an air con service and gas before.....?
  5. Getting A S1600

    If your'e keeping the white wheels I'd definitely recommend FK1000p sealant (or the cheaper alternative SP1000P) to keep them clean. I took all the wheels off and washed them to within an inch of their lives, polished, 1x coat of Turtle Wax Nano Tech wheel wax and 2x coats of the above sealant. All the wheel muck can be hosed off now, sometimes rubbed with a m/f but stil lcomes off sooo easily.
  6. Wierd Noise????

    The brake binding perhaps, or maybe just some crap stuck between the caliper and the disc? You tried giving them a good clean?
  7. How Do You Know When Your Ac No Longer Works?

    Yours might be going as well then Maleforce, I had mine on all day Saturday and was getting a really cold draught through the car. You should be able to feel the difference within about 5-10 seconds from turning it on.
  8. Showing Mpg On Screen?

    Don't you have a small black button on the instrument cluster? Iirc, it's to the lower rhs of the rev counter. This also cycles through the menu and resets the counters. I've got this and the stalk button in my zs for some reason.
  9. Yeah the whole grille comes off easily.
  10. The grille just pulls off easily, there's retaining clips all the way round. Just try to ease it out in the middle, at the edge first and work your way round. Bumper I'm not 100% sure about, but I'd imagine there's a fair amount of torx and normal screws underneath the bumper, round the light fittings, arch liner that will all need to be removed. My last car was a ballache to remove the bumper, two person job.
  11. Rear Speakers Don't Function

    ^^ +1 on that
  12. Lo Suspension Springs

    I'd stick it in a friendly garage on a quiet day and get the job done for cash! Got my springs fitted for £50 and will do the same again if I go for new shocks. Never owned a mk5 but someone else will be able to help, probably best starting a new thread.
  13. Lo Suspension Springs

    It's liveable, don't get me wrong, but hit an undulating road at speed and things can get a bit bouncy. That and the inner edge of my tyres (front only) got worn down really quickly after fitting but had the tracking re-done so should be ok now. Having said that though I love being able to throw it into the corners now and it does handle great on them.
  14. Lo Suspension Springs

    Mines is lowered on 40mm springs, gives great handling but paying for it comfort-wise. Can be pretty bouncy at times, need to look into uprated shocks as well.