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  1. hi my cd player started to crackle after 10 mins of being on medium wave, other stations i,e fm are fine cd player fine ? so i went out and bouht another one was told it works great ( and it does ) however the same thing is now happening after listening to medium wave for 10 mins it also has the same problemand starts to crackle ? i cant see 2 units having the same issue , is it coinsidentale or is there something else causing the fault what do you think ??
  2. Hi my fusion 2004 as just passed an mot 2 a week ago , today the MIL light as come on and when i put a OBD CODE READER it comes up low effeciency bank 1 ( i forgot to write the code down ) what i need to know is could it just be a sensor OR WORSE CASE SENERIO IT BE THE cat EVEN THOUGH IT JUST PASSED MOT EMMISIONS ETC with it saying bank 1 is this refering to the sensor at the very top of the exhaust were it goes into the manifold or the very bottom underneath the cat, and if i have to replace the sensor are both sensors the same part ( are they just a simple take out and relace or do i have to reset anything when i put a new one in ? thanks
  3. hi is there a way to check weather its the lambada sensor or the cat that is at fault without going to the expense of going to ford or garages and paying exensive rices to check, my light came on and i put oneof those obd test thing on and it read... cat running at low efficiency ? but could that mean the sensor is faulty or the cat needs replacing ? i have turned the light of and it not come back on yet ?? 2005 fusion city 66,000 miles thanks in advance
  4. Vin Number Check Semi Automatic Or Manual

    Hi Thank you so much just done that and it has confirmed on there that it is a 5 speed manual , must of been a clerical error somwere thanks again much appreciated .
  5. ok i have a ford fusion city 54 plate, seems to be some confusion i bought it a while ago from the person who bought it brand new i have the original invoice for the sale were they bought it from, it says on it ford fusion city ( no mention of transmission i,eweather it semi auto or manual etc ? when i bought it of the original owner it said on the log book semi automatic ? i queried this and they said it had always been like that on the log book and never had any transmission changes been made by them even though the car is clearly a manual transmission ? so i assume that it has been a clerical error my question is , is there any way of checking through the vin numbers regarding the transmission details
  6. Fusion Semi Automatic , Manual ?? Confused

    if it has been change of gearbox to now a manual ? from a semi automatic from the previous owner it still says semi automatic on the log book ? would that need to be changed at dvla even though it was ike that when i bought it ?
  7. okhere goes i am confused.. my 54 late fusion says on the log book semi automatic ? but i have only ever drive manual cars and this seems exactly the same as manuals i have drove i change gears like a manual and there is 3 pedals like a normal manual car so why is it clled a semi automatic the gearstick is set out like a normal manual ? can someone advise please thansk
  8. Sooty Spark Plugs ?

    will be changing the air filter when it is deivered in next day, also while i am at it i am going todrop the oil and put fresh oil in aswell question is do you know wht the correct oil i should put in as there are so many 9 semi, full synthetic etc thanks in advance
  9. How To Check Spark Plugs/ignition Leads

    yes feels hesitant took plugs out and they look a bit sooty ?
  10. Sooty Spark Plugs ?

    just took spark plugs out to replace and they look a bit sooty (black ) it ticks over great and runs fine other than it sometimes is a little unresponsive when you press the pedal it takes a couple of seconds to pick up ?
  11. hi i am on a low budget can anyone help, i had a timing belt done on my fusion it ticks over at 800revs sounds perfect picks up speed etc, however occasionaly when driving along when i exelerate it seems to be a little..sluggish or not as responsive immedietly, could this be plugs (i have took them out and looked at them but they seem ok, how do you check the leads and plugs etc to see if there is any problems with them ... without it being costly buying each item going through elimination ? Its more noticable in a morning it gives the impression it is running on to much fuel and you have to feather the pedal to get the revs up, do fusions have common faults thanks
  12. hi ihave a 54 plate fusion2 it has built in reversing sensors, if i have a tow bar fitted i.e to tow a caravan or trailer how does this affect the sensors on my car thanks
  13. hi i have a 54 plate 1400cc duratec all running great but earlier today the engine managment light came on for no reason and is now staying on for some reason, but the car is running as smooth as it usually does no other problems anyone any ideas why it would do this ? thanks
  14. hi i have just bought a 54 plte fusion 2.... does anyone know what the actual 2 means ? i.e whats the difference from a ford fusion & a fusion 2 city thanks in advance
  15. Fiesta 55 Plate Studio

    Hi i have a 55 plate fiesta studio done 59000 miles regular serviced by previous owner...... 1st thing in a morning or when cold it sounds like a loud tappity noise once warmed up its not as loud but still there ? Do these have TAPPITS as they used to be called in older cars ..if not how do you cure this noise. ( otherwise car runs , starts geat nice and smooth drive other than the tappity noise Thanks