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  1. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Great news I will try this when I get back from vacation (~25 august) See you!
  2. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Anyone has 8M5T-19C112-xx module but not working USB?
  3. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Damn!!!!!! I just went to garage. Unluckily it fails when downloading the modified configuration to the car. Only 1 parameter has been changed successfully Then we tryed like 4 time changing the other parameter (Bluetooth module I think) This does not help: nothing happens when I press Aux button several times. Any idea what I could do? Of course I have the 8M5T-19C112-xx module! Thanks a lot in advance
  4. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    sorry - double post - see next message please @ chrsmi : sorry I don't know
  5. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Check the part number on the sticker (see picture in post #217). That module is under the glovebox. You have to remove 2 screw (1st pull the center of the screw if possible). I just checked what part I have, it is 8M5T-19C112-xx :-) :-) When garage change my car configuration I will let you know if USB works (I hope so!)
  6. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    I think the shopping list you are looking for is here : (Lez is talking about the module with USB) Thanks for that but I was referring to the cable that connects to the port on the module and goes to the USB port by the handbrake, Is there an official product code for this? edit; looks like it's these two cables that fit together to form one longer cable, no wonder the previous guy was complaining about the cbale being too short. 2 below connect together to form 1 cable. Cable from the USB socket on the Bluetooth Voice Control with USB Module, which connects to the USB cable from the IPOD Holder - FINIS: 1520708 Cable from the USB socket on the Ipod Holder - FINIS: 1520710 8M5T-14D202-CB IP Cable, From: 25-02-2008 RHD, BT/VC Phone Interface + USB Connect So these two cables, the USB faceplate and an update from Ford are allt hat's required? (besides the module) Oh, also this: SB Socket on the Ipod Holder - FINIS: 1497339 Anyway, in my case I do not need to order USB cables since I already have some.
  7. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Good news, I will ask my garage to do this next week or something, I will let you know. Off topic : are there other things that are nice to customize in car configuration parameters? Nice forum by the way :-) Have a nice day
  8. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Hi there. I have a Ford Fiesta without USB plug next to the Aux plug. Anyway, there is an usb plug near the glovebox. When I plug my USB stick in it, the screen says "usb initialization" or something. When it's done, I press "Aux" button several times but nothing happens. But my USB stick works fine with another Ford Fiesta, which has USB plug next to Aux plug. Do you think it could work with my Fiesta if I follow digidash's steps with replaced steps 13&14 ? Are the two parameters correct and sufficient? Big thanks in advance!