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  1. FiestaOwner

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    I went for a fairly long drive yesterday and this was my reward... :D
  2. FiestaOwner

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    On a long run I can get maybe 45mpg but on my daily commute (around 10 miles, usually spent in a queue) I get around 35 which is about the same sort of fuel consumption I used to get in my old Fiesta 1.4 auto. I do prefer my Powershift though - it never seems to struggle and the reduction in RFL is really nice too!
  3. FiestaOwner

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

  4. I'm not complaining though, I got the exact car I wanted to begin with... only with a really good discount and trade-in and she looks so pretty :D
  5. I had been after a Titanium X but the earliest delivery on that was end of November ... so then I just asked the dealer to start looking for anything similar and a Titanium popped up - just lucky I guess.
  6. I like having the parking sensors but only as a double-check for what I can already see, that's why I wasn't keen on the reversing camera that comes as standard with the Titanium X - I guess it's personal preference though and something I might have got used to eventually if I'd bought an X. The push button start would have just been a gimmicky/show-off sort of thing and to be honest I prefer using the keyfob to lock/unlock the car and turn the ignition ... so all in all, *not* having the Convenience Pack wasn't a dealbreaker. ie. if Ford weren't offering the Convenience Pack for free then I wouldn't have asked for it anyway.
  7. Ford are doing a promotion at the moment where it's "free" (or rather included in the price - the dealers pay for it and then they are reimbursed ... or something like that)
  8. Panther Black - my old car was the same colour.... I just like black Fiestas! One minor complication.... my new car doesn't have the Convenience Pack (no keyless entry or start/stop button). The dealer was as confused as me about this as it's definitely a brand new car and should have it fitted free of charge. After a lot of head-scratching (and me threatening to pull out of the deal) we reached a compromise and they gave me £500 quid off. Really nice to drive though, loving it so far. Only thing I noticed when I got home - the engine seems to get very warm (and I only drove it back from the dealer to my house - maybe 3 miles tops)... possibly something with it being brand new? Time to update my profile.
  9. After a lot of chats with local dealers I finally decided to get a Titanium. The Titanium X seems to be extremely rare at the moment so I would have ended up waiting a while if i really wanted one and I was still a bit undecided about whether I'd use the extra toys all that much, Picking up my new Titanium later today! :D
  10. A new day and I'm tempted to get a Titanium X now - I'm just so indecisive! Next dilemma is the colour.
  11. Doesn't sound very good. I might go for a Titanium and see if I can get a bit of a discount by not having the keyless entry stuff installed.
  12. Hi everyone. I'm planning on trading in my 2010 Fiesta Titanium 1.4 automatic for a new Fiesta Powershift Ecoboost shortly (not sure if it'll be a Titanium or Titanium X yet though). I have a couple of (possibly dumb) questions about some of the gadgets... Reversing camera - my current Fiesta has the rear parking sensors so does the reversing camera also do the proximity beep thing too? Keyless entry (I think this is part of the "convenience pack" promotion) - does the car unlock if you're just walking past it or do you have to try opening the door (and it will only unlock if you have the fob in your pocket)? And how do you lock it?
  13. Mine has an annoying rattle in the back somewhere, sounds like something is loose in the boot but it's completely empty. Also, there's a silly problem (feature?) with the auto : switch off the ignition while still in D, turn the key to position II, select P and remove the key - the stereo stays on.
  14. FiestaOwner

    Armrest For Fiesta Mk7

    There's some close-ups of the armrest on Amazon - looks like it attaches to the floor not to the cup holder which is different to the US version... I'm not keen on the metal frame and the cushion top doesn't match the fabric in my car ... possibly I'm being too fussy but for £99 I'd expect something that looks like it's part of the car.
  15. FiestaOwner

    Fiesta Automatic

    I have a 1.4 auto. Petrol consumption is a bit of a let down, official MPG is 42 but the best I've got out of it so far is 33 - one reason why I chose the Fiesta was to hopefully save a bit of money on fuel but unfortunately that hasn't happened. The auto gearbox is okay but not as good as other autos I've owned (possibly due to it being a smaller engine and only 4 gears).