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  1. Air conditioning nightmare

    a short it was indeed, spent the whole afternoon and evening stripping down the wiring to find the main feed for the fusebox completely bare... seems like a bodge job from the previous owner gone wrong...
  2. i have a 1997 mk 2 mondeo 1.8, and the air conditioning won't switch off, even with the key out of the ignition... the cooling fan relay is out (and left out) the relay is being fed positive from both sides, meaning the relay isn't needed :S, and the fans still run, i unplug the fans whenever i park up and that used to stop the battery from draining, but now it still drains... and means the car needs jump starting pretty much every time i need to start it... any help would be much appreciated!!!!! thanks mondydriver (olley)
  3. mondeo 1.8verona

    r plate is 97 / 98. and any manual adjustment on the handbrake will be an adjuster wheel inside the drums on the rear. if it's discs not drums i have no idea...
  4. the mondeo

    my car, my fourth car to be precise but my first ford....