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  1. Help Finding Eolys Fluid?

    well its a 2009 1.6 econetic. it definitely has eolys. its on the service schedule and i also this week replaced my DPF, and its the one that needs eolys. i only know this as i phoned ford before ordering it off ebay. i believe the dpf you mentioned is a ceramic one? that doesn't need the eolys? when i had the DPF replaced this week, the mechanic also said the eolys is empty, as it came up on his machine. I'm pretty sure its the 176 I'm after. thanks for the info though. i haven't been able to find out how much i needed.
  2. Help Finding Eolys Fluid?

    yes and yes
  3. Where can i buy Eolys fluid for a 2009 Focus 1.6? I rang my local ford dealer, and he quoted me £430 to supply fluid and fit. But he said thats silly money, and told me to get the fluid myself if i wanted, and they would fit and reset the edu for £97. I need the Eolys 176. i had a look on ebay but they all seem to only go up to the 2008 focus, and then skip a few years, before being able to use in the new MK3 focus. Anyone know where i can find it that fits my car?
  4. My car is in the garage having a new DPF fitted, and i rang them up as i was supposed to have it back today. He said he's waiting for a part to come. when they took it off they broke the sensor. (i assume he means pressure sensor). These aren't cheap, but do i have to pay for it? It wasn't broken to begin with, and he said "it broke coming off". i was told it would be £60 to fit the new DPF, can he add extra labour on even though he broke the part?
  5. Dpf Help

    UPDATE. was supposed to have the car back today, and i gave the garage a call, and they said they are waiting for a sensor to come from parts, i assume its the pressure sensor. He said it broke coming off. i hope he doesn't think I'm paying for that.
  6. Dpf Help

    Yeah, i thought that when he quoted me. i was expecting something around £100-£150. i usually do short trips, so i decided that every wednesday on my day off, ill be doing a 40 minute journey on the motorway. 20 minutes out, and then 20 back. hoping that should be sufficient to regen it once a week.
  7. Dpf Help

    Just thought id update everyone on my situation, as i posted the original question about the DPF. After being told it could cost £1000+ to replace the DPF, i scouted around, and decided to replace the DPF. It hasn't cost me £1000. its cost me £260. I had a new part off of ebay for £189 + £10 delivery, and i dropped it off this morning to be fitted by a local garage, and he's charging me £60 to fit and reset the learned values of the DPF. I did think about getting it removed, but with the new MOT rules, i didn't really want to do that, and telling the insurance company about a remap would probably push my premium up. the downside is i have to run it up the motorway for 20 mins a week or so.
  8. I know forscan goes up to windows 7, just wondering if anyone has tried using it with windows 8? I need to do a DPF reset after changing it.
  9. Got a DPF problem with my 2009 1.6 econetic focus. Been on the phone to ford, to ask if i have eolys on this car, and they said yes. Had a look under the car, but can't see the eolys tank, although i haven't jacked it up to see properly yet, just had a quick look. I understand that the eolys liquid is dosed into the fuel system every time the fuel flap is closed with a magnet inside the fuel flap. but mine does not have a magnet. I have enclosed 2 pics of my fuel flap, in hope that someone can tell me whats going on. any help is appreciated, as i need to see if i need eolys before i replace the DPF. so how is my eolys being dosed? oops, sorry put the photos on upside down
  10. I have the "Engine malfunction" message displayed on my 2009 Focus 1.6 diesel econetic. Ive run through the "self diagnostic" by holding down the set/reset knob, and at the DTC codes, it says, "DTC #Codes NONE" I also have a little diagnostic scanner of my own, and it shows nothing. I did however, unplug my scanner when i wasn't supposed to, (the ignition was still on), and I've been told that this could've caused the "engine malfunction" message. But the "engine malfunction" message came up a week or 2 after i used the scanner, is that possible? Ive also been told that, by unplugging the battery, it may reset the "engine malfunction" message. Is that advisable? as i will try everything to avoid another trip to the mechanics, and £25 a time on the scanner, its money i don't really have at the moment. Confused as to why it won't show up on my scanner though, any help is much appreciated.
  11. Dpf Help

  12. Dpf Help

    I have a 09 focus econetic 1.6. i have a problematic DPF. i haven't had the car from new, it has 88K on the clock, so the DPF is passed its lifespan. i am unsure whether to get it repaired though as I've been told its £1,000 +. i knew nothing of DPF's before i bought it, i just wanted a car that ran cheaply. and I'm now aware that these cars with DPF's aren't any god for town driving, i usually only drive roughly 4 miles a time, day to day. so i can understand then why it wouldn't be regenerating. but what I'm confused about, is i previously had a 2010 fiesta diesel and that also had a DPF as they have been required since i believe 2008/9. I've just taken the car on a 40 miles stint on the motorway, but the engine malfunction light is still on, and i still hear it as i turn the engine off. my concern is, i don't mind paying for it to be repaired/replaced, as long as it runs ok in the future, I'm so confused, cos i had the fiesta for 3 years, and never had a problem, but it had only done 55K, and not one single dpf problem, even though my driving is exactly the same. I've paid a mechanic to clean the dpf when yellow warning light came on.tried adding additive to fuel to help clear the dpf.yellow warning light is not currently on, i just have a engine malfunction sign displayed only when i turn the engine ON, not when the ignition is on. (I'm assuming its the DPF) no other noticeable problems. and i can't really afford to keep taking it to be diagnosed. £25 a time i also have a maxiscan ms309 code reader, but its not picking up the engine malfunction display, will they only pick a code up if a yellow warning light comes on? I'm not sure if its working properly though, as i unplugged it with the ignition on, and its a little slow turning on.
  13. Info On Dpf (Diesel Particulate Filter)

    Ok, I'd really love to do this, but just worried about being caught out on the mot.
  14. Info On Dpf (Diesel Particulate Filter)

    Ok, so by doing that, does it affect the emissions? Thinking about the mot.