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  1. Hi there, this is driving me mad! Had a windows laptop and did m3u playlists on my usb stick and used that easily in the USB socket in my mk7. However, changed to a MAC laptop, and for some reason the audio system in the car does not seem to recognise the playlists when updated or new ones from my MAC. (It plays the mp3 by themselves ok) I have tried m3u format and extended m3u format but no joy. I have also tried formatting the usb stick in both FAT (Windows) and MAC formats, but again no joy. Seems may only recognise it if done on a Windows machine??? Any ideas anyone?? Also if you are a MAC user, what software do you use to make the playlists on your USB drive. iTunes is very tricky and also looking for an easier way. Thanks for any help. its driving me nuts
  2. Air Conditioning Mk 7 Fiesta

    Hmmm? Differing of opinions here. Dont get me wrong it works OK, but never chilly as with others Ive had. See what they say service time I think
  3. Air Conditioning Mk 7 Fiesta

    Maybe it was used all the time. Will not know. Will ask them to have a look when they do the service. Presumably they can tell if its a recharge issue? It is certinly not ice cold as you have mentioned.
  4. Bought my Mk 7 when it was 6 months old. Just statrted using the air con, and compared to other air con I have experienced, it does not seem as cold as it should be?? All correct setting on the heather panel etc. Anyone else find this? Is it just a characteristic, or could or could there be something wrong? My car has done bout 6k miles so uless previous owner had it on all the time which I doubt.....? Thanks for any advice/views
  5. In Car Temp Guage

    ...ooops! 29 degrees in Derbyshire, blimey
  6. In Car Temp Guage

    Ford have cunningly overcome this problem in the mk 7 by not putting temp gauge on the dash!
  7. My New Fiesta!

    Mine does that too. However, you are reassured with the nice whizzing noise of the turbo if you turn the stereo down. Bit of clutch control works a treat. just need to get used to it
  8. secret hole

    Just converted my 'hole' to a working one. Bought both magnetic tape and push catch. I wanted to use the push catch but not that confident about lining them up correctly. With glue you only get one chance with the female glued to one of the sides. Have used magnetici tape which is OK, but catch a bit more slick if done correctly. Anyone and suggestions how to line it up correctly?
  9. Just Bought My Mk7 Fiesta :d

    Just recently got my first Fiesta Mk 7. Superb car you wont regret it. The wise people on FOC here makes it even better. Welcome
  10. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Just monitored my MPG over 282 miles. Ave Speed 29mph Trip computer says 55.9 MPG The actual maths says it was 54.36 assuming when I filled it back up I put in exact amount of fuel as last time. Sainsburys fuel. Used Road trip LE app for my iPhone. Very good and user fiendly Quite happy with that. :D Been driving in accordance with the green change gear arrow, more or less-ish. Bit dull though, but given price of fuel now, something to be considered.
  11. Correct Tyre Pressure

    1 or 2 PSI can hardlly make any difference I suppose
  12. Thanks all, some valid points, will look into getting a space saver, jack and brace, hopefully no too much, poss 2nd hand
  13. Correct Tyre Pressure

    Thanks merlin, will go along with that
  14. After a bit of advice. Bit gutted my car does not come with a spare wheel, but rather this daft can of foam. Has anyone had any good, bad or indifferent experiences with the foam? I am mainly concerned with the replacement cost of this. I guess a Ford like for like one is not going to be much less than £50, so does this "Tyre weld" or similar you can buy in Halford or elsewhere, work as well/do the same job (£10?). Can this be used as a replacement? Can punctures be repaired post foam, or has the fact you have used the foam render the tyre irrepairable, if if it might have been repairable if the foam was not used? Does anyone recommend to buy a space saver wheel, jack and brace (which I would rather have!. ANy idea of the cost? If so how does this work. Do I buy a 16" one as I have 16" alloys, or would a 14" one do, which some people say you can. Are these space savers vehicle specific, or as long as they have the right amount of holes would one fit another? Any help/advice would be apprciated
  15. Correct Tyre Pressure

    I have a Zetec 1.6TDCi, with factory fitted optional extra 7 spoke 16" alloys, or to be more precise 195/45 r16 86v. The standard inflation chart on the internet when I enter my reg no with the standard wheels (195/50/v15) says the pressure should be 30 psi all round. The plate thing on the inside of the ns door state 195/45 r16, 31psi all round, However it also states 1.6 Diesel, 33 psi all round. Would this plate be specific to my car with the option added or standard? I have also read that you should use the standrd pressure recommended for your vehilce, which would therefore be 30psi all round. Anyone any idea what is the correct prssure???