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  1. lamb.chop

    ''secret Hole'' Ideas?

    IP stands for Instrument Panel btw
  2. lamb.chop

    secret hole

    me 2, leave it off..... can anyone post the part number moulded into the inside of the hinged flap that works? maybe an earlier one can be retrofitted? I am going to try and fit a CD holder in my hole...............ooooooh eeeeer
  3. lamb.chop

    Problomatic Engine Coolant Pipes

    Yes our 2011 diesel did this about 3 weeks ago, whilst driving along at about 50. The hose to the heater came unclipped at its engine end and the car overheated and stopped. AA refitted it, topped up the water and I limped home. Locale stealer said no fault found but topped up the coolant. Design fault with the clips or factory is not assembleing them correctly.!
  4. lamb.chop

    Ford MK7 Roofbars

    1st post, so please be gentle. If you search 1718804 on Ebay, Sandcliffe are doing this kit for £104. Hope this helps. Cheers Chris