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  1. Focus Tddi Not Starting

    Is that not just with common rail ?
  2. Focus Tddi Not Starting

    Is that nt just with the common rail ? Lol
  3. Focus Tddi Not Starting

    I rang ford and asked if the pump went it the timong belt snaped and they said not the only reanson they thinnk it wont start is the timing is off, but the timing was done using the proper lockin tools so basicly theres no way to balls it up lol
  4. Focus Tddi Not Starting

    In what pipe tho as theres 3 ? Lol cheers
  5. Focus Tddi Not Starting

    There is no fuel coming out of the injectors when im cranking over
  6. Focus Tddi Not Starting

    The pump is after the filter so you would just be sucking from the tank would you not ? What do u meen by the housing seal ??
  7. Focus Tddi Not Starting

    Yes the plugs are working and the car just keeps turning over but dosent fire, we have tryed towing it and bumping it with no joy :( my dad thinks its the fuel pump but we put one on it last week !! I dont know what else to do
  8. Focus Tddi Not Starting

    Its turning over as normal but not starting, my code reader wont work on my focus for some reason Thanks :)
  9. Focus Tddi Not Starting

    hi, i have a 2000 tddi focus on sunday the timing belt broke causing damage to the valves, so me and my dad replaced the head we finished building the car up yesterday but the car refuses to start i have tryed towing it and i cant understand why it wont start thanks :)