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  1. Cheers for posting this I had the same problem, got myself the F super for my laptop and got the code P1288 installed the new part last weekend all is running properly now. I put a quick video together from stills I took with my own rundown of how I did it. Here it is, hope it helps someone in the future It's on YouTube titled "Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor Location and Removal Ford Mondeo TDCi 2.0 (2004)" Regards Stu
  2. Reversing Lights Not Working

    I changed the reverse light switch a while back, couldn't find an how to anywhere so put something together. Hope it helps anyone who's looking at changing the part. Reverse light switch video Stu
  3. 2.0 Tdci Modeo Judder And Smoke

    Thanks again I was only looking at blanking plates yesterday, I was reading about problems with the 4 when blanking, mine has the plug on the end and a small vacuum pipe coming from the EGR which I believe confirms the euro 3? Or does the cable mean it's a 4? Here is a pic of the valve in situ http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38226755/IMAG0275.jpg Stu
  4. 2.0 Tdci Modeo Judder And Smoke

    I took both rubber pipes off, one from the EGR that runs down and also the one that connects to the intercooler behind the front bumper, both pipes look almost new no oil or residue on the outer. Inside of the pipes are wet with oily residue so would expect some to have seeped out any holes or cuts but none has, the metal pipe that connects the 2 rubber hoses also looks fine, I've made sure all the jubilee clips are secured properly and the inter cooler also looks new, nothing appears to be leaking from there. Are there any other problems that the symptoms could be pointing towards. Fauty EGR? I believe they can be blanked off and makes no difference to emission tests here in the UK, is this correct? Thanks again Stuart
  5. 2.0 Tdci Modeo Judder And Smoke

    Cheers for the reply, will change it and let you know how it goes. Thanks Stuart
  6. Been looking around every now and then and decided to join. I'm only a basic diyer with interest and enjoy getting to the bottom of a problem with my own tools when poss, otherwise it goes to a garage. I have 54 reg Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI that has 29k on the clock and has been regularly serviced, I have been getting a judder when cruising at around 1500rpm both via foot pedal and cruise control. I also get a lot of black smoke when overtaking or accelerating quicker than the normal pull away. Sometimes the judder is worse than other times. I have cleaned both the EGR twice (2nd time it was still very clean from the first time) and the manifold once and have given it time to settle down over a few hundred miles, but no difference. Would I be worth changing the pipes that supply the turbo as I believe that from reading various posts that could also cause the symptoms I have and could be a split that I may or may not see with a visual inspection. If so which ones do I go for first I seem to remember reading that one is behind the rear of the engine? Another from the EGR? Thanks in advance for any help or advice. Stuart