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  1. Sony Audio System Problem

    i have had the zetec blue for a month with no problem so far. will keep an eye on it though.
  2. MPG? what are you getting?

    Hey chaps, had my new zetec blue for over a 1000miles now and only seem to be getting 39.5mpg. i'm not booting it and driving leisurely to work (17 miles) with maybe a mile of town driving. is this typical? watching top gear at the mo and they are getting there big engines to ridiculous figures! state you engine, age and mpg to see if we are beating the crunch!
  3. Resinating dashboard noise

    does it resinate when idling and stood still? its probably some part of the wiring loom vibrating against something.
  4. Serious Vibration When Braking!!! :(

    yeah as he says. had this with a fiat punto, the pads have probably disintergrated and the heat caused from metal on metal as warped the disc.
  5. Will not start

    well just read through the thread and was expecting the worse. shouldn't cost too much to have someone wack the head back on and a new timing belt. good luck!
  6. Heater Problem

    that is a ridiculous response from ford. i'd have a letter to head office quicker than it takes to lick the stamp to send it. the heater controls should redirect the air flow to where YOU want it. try taking it to an independent mechanic (if you know a good one) ask them to check it over. aslong as the mechanic is VAT registered and with the relevant mechanics qualifs you will still be under warranty. i have not got my fiesta yet (pick it up tomorrow) so this may be a silly question: does the direction control knob feel/ is mechanically or electrically connected? it is mechanically connected its clearly a case of making sure that the the knob is changing the direction - i think you can normally hear this) if it is electronically see if you can get behind the switch and with a multimeter check there is an output from each pole on the switch there will be a common earth and then a pole for each position - check if there is an output from each pole. correct me if i am wrong but there is normally one fan blowing over the heater matrix and then the ducting system directs it - it can't be that hard to sort.
  7. Wanted - Fiesta MK6 Front Bumper

    ebay can be useful too
  8. universal back box how to fit?

    you need to check the diameter of the current pipe and the uni backbox. you can then get adaptors to take it up or down what ever is required. also make sure that the bracket that hooks the back box up is adjustable as it may just look pants when fitted, having it adjustable allows you to let it sit properly. alternatively get a specific exhaust for your car - they aren't much more and at least you know its designed with your car in mind and is more likely to have a +ve performance outcome rather than -ve on caused by lack of back pressure etc.
  9. 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.25 or 1.4 ?

    7bhp ain't gonna make all that difference, your only gonna feel it in 5th gear and maybe when you've got a/c on. i test drove both and did a bridge test where i live, basically floor it from some traffic lights and see what you get at the bridge a bit down the road. in the 1.25 and 1.4 i got the same speed (85). in my dads 1.6 focus i got 82 (56 plate) the ford dealer brochure has the 1.25 and 1.4 at the same combined mpg, but if your in the city its obvious a 1.25 is gonna be more economical stood in lights and never really getting over 30. talking to the dealers at ford, people insist on having the 1.4 but can never understand why as they test drive them in the 1.25 and always comment on how punchy the engine is...
  10. How much is my car worth?

    if you get it into mint conditions i can only see it having a value to the collectors and still it won't be worth that much. you'll never make even close to the money its gonna cost you to restore.
  11. new to the forum and new to ford

    cheers steve
  12. ford fiesta heaters

    dunno whether its the case but the heater blowing cold can be the sign on an airlock in the heater matrix or a blown HG.
  13. hey, just bought myself a new fiesta zetec blue with tech pack and bluetooth in moondust silver. got a great deal on it and hope to get it sometime this week! so hello from Lincoln!