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  1. chrismar

    Tdci Fuel Pump Tools

    In my opinion and only my opinion the pump is not your problem, but its the injectors i had a very similair issue with my mondeo tdci 115hp 54 plate would put the flashing glow plug light on when the engine was under load traveling up hill then after a while of doing that would put the light on then cut out once the clutch was depressed. i had a leak off test done and 3 of my injectors are leaking back in excess causing the pump to be unable to cope with the fuel quantity demanded and that is what throws the code up p0211 i was also getting p1211 fuel pressure related again. try a leak of test at a local mechanic cost is not much and will shed some light on your problem. you more than likely have the same problem as i had as the symptoms are near identical
  2. chrismar

    Tdci Fuel Pump Tools

    Try here for the tools you require. it is believed that as the pump breaks down metal particals go up the high pressure outlet and into the injectors damaging the injectors, they are aslo returned to the tank via the return line from the pump. it is recommended with pump failure to remove the tank clean and flush, clean out all lines replace the filter, the pump the injectors and all high pressure lines to be completely confident that all metal particals have been removed from the system. quick question what year is your car and what leads you to belive your pump is breaking down?
  3. mine was putting the flashing glow plug light on when travelling up hill or if you failed to change down early enough and put the engine under increased load had codes p0211 and p1211 strong smell of diesel at front end increased fuel consumption calculated not trip computer and fluctuating fuel rail pressure viewed as live data
  4. i too have a solid fly wheel fitted and have found it to be no trouble. i borrowed a friends generic code reader when my car played up ( has 3 injectors leaking back to much) it was autel he uses it on vw's all the time and works fine. connected to my ford showed nothing but f super showed 2 codes my suggestion is try a different code reader that will read ford specific codes
  5. f super will code the injectors on a 2005 tdci i have used it on my 54 plate 115hp and worked fine also reads and clears the dtc's as well as displaying live data.
  6. p0251 is a precursur to another code about to appear could be the egr valve which is easy to strip out and clean, but as the code relates more to fuel pressure id not hold much hope of it fixing the problem by just cleaning the egr as ford specific codes will be stored you may need a more advanced code reader to show them up google p0251 for a better definition and more will be revealed
  7. chrismar

    Mondeo Fault Code Help

    first off fix the leak as this is the most likely cause of the pressure related codes the p1211 means the rail pressure is incorrect and p0251 the pump is not supplying the correct amonut of fuel. this can be the pump cant keep up because of the leak. once the leak is sorted clear codes and recheck. if codes persist try a fuel filter and leak off test. forget about the p1000 its nothing but seperate the others into 2 areas pressure related and electrical related then focus on each in a methodical manner. i had the same pressure related codes on my tdci 115bhp 54 plate mondeo turns out i have 3 injectors leaking back way to much. leak off test showed injector 1 3ml, 2 35ml, 3 50ml and 4 50ml and this was in a 25-30 second period test conducted by garage so not 100% on timings
  8. will be more help if you can post the codes that will be stored in the ecu after these events to give a idea of whats happening as many things could be the cause from cam sensor to failing pump/injectors.
  9. Hi can anybody tell me if the f-super can check the charging system in particular if the smart charge system is working my reason for asking is that my battery keeps going flat over night or if the stereo is on in the car with the ignition off for around 15 mins I would like to check this out before spending money on a new battery. I have used a meter with the engine running and I'm getting around 14.4 volts any help welcomed Thanks in advance Chris
  10. chrismar

    White Smoke

    Hi all I have a 2.0 tdci 115ps on a 54 plate drives great but every now and then after a good run when pulling up a slip road and waiting to turn it notice a small amount of white smoke/steam coming from the front of the car. Under normal round town driving I have never noticed anything.The oil level is staying normal and the radiator water level is normal. Any suggestions or any body had similar with there car. Thanks in advance Chris
  11. chrismar


    Hi i drive a mondeo 2.0 tdci 54 plate saloon on a recent trip i went round a roundabout heading straight across. on the exit to the roundabout i felt the rear end twitch which was unusual as ive been round the same road hundereds of time with nothing happening to the car. further to this later in the same trip i went right at a larger roundabout only to have the back end come away oversteer quite badly. now considering the previous incident i was going slowly round the roundabout just incase and not feeling so confident in my car. mitigating circumstances where car low on fuel not so much weight over rear, low tyre pressure in offside rear tyre and moderate rain fall. having said that i correct the tyre pressure filled up and have been using the car recently in the dry but the back end still feels like it wants to oversteer when turning right unless i keep the speed well below normal. i would just like any suggestions as to where the problem might lie ive bounced all the corners to check the suspension but there is no signs of a shock absorber knackered as it recoils about one to one and half times then stops looking at the springs there seems to be no broken ones so im at a loss as to the cause any help or suggestions much apperciated.......
  12. Hi I would just like to ask, if anybody knows of any suppliers at a reasonable price for a driveshaft support bearing on a 54 plate 115hp tdci mondeo ive looked around the web and cant seem to find many that do the bearing for my year any help will be greatly recived...
  13. chrismar

    Mondeo Engine Rattle

    hi could you recommend a good injector cleaner ive tried redex and millers diesel eco max too no avail would wynn's hydraulic valve stuff stand a chance and could a good mechanic tell the difference between injector knock and tappet rattle or is there a easy way to spot injector knock...
  14. hi im looking for some advice i have a 54 plate mondeo tdci 115 bhp, since buying the car few months back it has always sounded like a old escort with a over head valve engine rattling away quite noticeable tappet rattle. now not been totaly none mechanical i know that the engine is twin over head cam with hydraulic rockers so would be pretty hard for them too rattle or am i mistaken, since owning the bottom pully has been changed and a full clutch kit and flywheel has been fitted. couldi be mistaking my rattle as tappet rattle but it be coming from else where on the engine i have noticed a lot of people saying chaning the aux drive belt quitened there engine but would wonder how in that system would give a tapping sound through out the engine any advice greatly apprciated..... as a last note or more fear could it be the timing chain wearing and stretching causeing the rattle....