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  1. Mk2.5 Tdci Focus Zetec

    Link to these? :) looks very nice mate
  2. I bought a pair of genuine ST Xenon headlights off of eBay. I managed to get all the lighting on the lights working, but i cannot get the levelers to work. I understand that there is a wiring modification that can be done to get the levelers (manual or auto?) working. Any help would be massively appreciated! Thanks, Andy :)
  3. Mk2.5 Xenon Headlight Conversion

    Rob, I simply added a short earthing wire between the ballast (by taking one screw out and using a ring crimp and !Removed! it against the ballast, and then earthing it on to the chassis by taking one of the nuts off and using a larger ring crimp on a bit of wire. Unfortunately this only gets then to light up, but you still cannot level them as there are further wiring to be done, which I am not 100% sure on. Andy
  4. Aftermarket Radios

    I have a 2011 focus mk2 facelift. I'm looking for a really good aftermarket radio, preferably with dab and DVD with possible free view, and a big screen! Cheers in advance!
  5. Aftermarket Radios

  6. Here she is.. My imagation is blank today!! Ideas?
  7. Hmm, we will see! I'll look for the
  8. Hmm, we will see! I'll look for the schematics tomorrow and have a look too.
  9. Cheers pal. I guess we just need to work out which wires operate the manual leveling! Id imagine the third wire that gets added in is an earth to make the Xenons work (even though you can just earth the ballast to the chassis).
  10. I'll post one tomorrow, as I'm on my phone! There's also a YouTube video on how to retrofit genuine Xenons, but he doesn't explain how it's done, he just shows you him putting them in the car
  11. The way I see it is that, the sensor is theoretically bypassed and swapped with the levelling module switch? If that makes sense :p
  12. I was reading on someone's thread on a separate forum, that they added the 3 extra pins in and then piggybacked off of other wires and they managed to get the manual levelers to work on their Xenons
  13. Take it you have a 10 pin plug? I've only got the 7 and I wanna know what the wiring mod is that you can do for the leveling to make it manual. Any idea?
  14. Mk2.5 Xenon Headlight Conversion

    I'd be working on getting it perfectly legal. I have a 7 pin plug. Which I understand you can add terminals and piggy back off of other cables. Not sure what this piggy backing feeds though.
  15. I bought a pair of focus st xenons for my mk2.5. I've managed to get the xenons and the bi-xenon feature working with an earthing wire from the ballast to chassis, but the levellers don't work. Are there any wiring modifications I need to do, and if so, what are they? Would appreciate help :) thanks guys!
  16. I'm having no luck! i've tried your method but it isnt budging at all :(
  17. Side view

    From the album My first Focus

  18. My first Focus

  19. Front view

    From the album My first Focus

  20. Rear View

    From the album My first Focus

  21. Hi guys, I own a mk6 Fiesta, and i have bought myself some Daytime Running Light's (DRL ebay link). I read that when you use them you cannot use them while using your headlights because they tend to dazzle people. So i was thinking I could wire them up to my side lights, but unfortunately when my headlights are on, mt side lights are on too. I was just wondering how I could wire up my DRL's so that when my lights are off or just my sidelights are on, the DRL's would be on, but when I turn the switch another click to headlights, the DRL's will turn off. Thanks in advance. Andy. just side lights on Headlights on. See how the side lights stay on..
  22. Drl Lights

    Do DRL's have to be turned off when your headlights are on? I've seen some cars with them factory fitted with them on when the headlights are on. Andy.
  23. Drl Installation Help Needed!

    Thanks. But will the DRL's be on when the keys aren't in the ignition? because you can turn the side lights on when theres no key. So when the lights are off, i guess there's still power going to the switch, just no circuit to be made. But when there are DRL's installed, surely it would create a circuit when the keys aren't in the ignition? Sorry if i've confused you. Cheers.
  24. My first Focus