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  1. Wishing all of A flight 1Amw a good tour this year. And also for the wives and children left behind. See you in September.

  2. Wow, that was emotional.I'm !Removed! glad I put those wet wipes in fridge to take the edge off the burning. The last time I was in this much pain was when me and Stuart Lubbock ended up at a pool party at Michael Barrymore's house.

  3. Quick all you can eat breakfast before Bastion? Why the !Removed! not. Bacon me up Muhammad.

  4. Is not about time we were all honest.Eurovision is utter dog !Removed!. 90% of all the songs are in languages we don't know, sung by people we don't care about and now you can do a phone vote surely it's just down to who has the most bored or !Removed! people living in it.

  5. Wootton Bassett Carnival. Any where else it would seem silly to oay £5 for a balloon.

  6. Who's taking the gayest duvet cover then?

  7. I now have a phone again. Thank !Removed! for home insurance.

  8. Do you have to look like a witch in order to get on The Apprentice? All the women look like they should be in pantomimes, except one of them who looks like she couldn't even get laid on an Indian bus trip.

  9. Phone + Toilet = Unhappy Steve.

  10. Just checked my snap chat for the first time since yesterday. Loving it.

  11. Convertible Golf G.T.I? !Removed!?Discuss.

  12. Is now yhe proud owner of VW Beetle.

  13. I !Removed! hate people being late. Especially when it's to hand over the keys to my new car.

  14. Beer + Vindaloo = Pretty minging snap chats in the morning.

  15. Well, that was certainly a lunchtime treat. Seeing yet more of Stephen Read !Removed!. I'm not sure what's worse. !Removed! or balls.

  16. Thinking of building a Car P.C. anyone ever done it?

    1. Steelie600


      Check the lancer register, and club vr-4. All the !Removed! guys have done em at one point

  17. Any truth in this bedding rumour?

  18. Tell me someone else is watching Jezza. It's comedy gold. By comedy I mean druggies. And by gold I mean scum.

  19. Say what you want about the Victorians, but they certainly appreciated a good side burn.

  20. Has a frothy knot over nigella

  21. Need car ideas. £2000 budget. Fiesta or 307 size.

  22. Big brother must be extremely bored if he's had to resort to watching Mark Shearsby-Simpson.

  23. I'd like to thank Malcolm Vaughan for making me !Removed! my pants. For reasons I cant discuss.

  24. Selling a car with outstanding finance. Can you do it? If so, can you do it without using one of those "We Steal Any Car" type companies?

  25. A to the Mother !Removed! K home boy.It's time for some early morning Cypress Hill.