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  1. Focus 2006 Lx Auto Fuel Consumption

    Yeah I know that autos are generally worse anyway, I can't stand the fact the car is automatic personally but I felt that £4k from a dealership, 20k on the clock, one previous owner, good condition and a full service history stamped and dated by ford and never failing an MOT... it was too good a deal to pass up. At first I liked the automatic, it's like a go-kart however I soon realised the HUGE delay in the time you put your foot down and the time you go from a standstill plus the delay in changing gears when you put your foot down or when you shove it into manual mode. This is fine, however for things like overtaking safely and pulling out of junctions, it's something you've got to think ahead about if you can. I want to get shot of the car tbth, the MPG is just so horrific but aside from the MPG and the fact it's auto (which I can live with I guess) it's a decent car. 0-60 in just 14 seconds ;-)
  2. Hi there I bought a LX model of the MK2 (I believe) 2006 (56 reg) for 4k from a dealership with 18k on the clock last year. However since I've had it I've never ever got over 33MPG out of it! Most of the time it's around 25, I typically get 260 miles or thereabouts out of a full tank. I know that economy = driving style, but I'm also a member of the IAM and as such, I know "how" to drive and I've tried everything (oddly, it seems no matter how I drive it makes no difference. I.e. "drive it like it's stolen" (within the speed limit) or "drive like an old man" makes little to no difference in MPG) SO. I'm wondering if this is a problem across the board on auto LX models from 2006 or with just my flipping car and in that case I need to get it all checked out etc. It's been checked out twice by the dealership but to be honest I don't trust them... Furthermore, don't suppose there's a button I can press to get better MPG? :-p (I'm kidding btw)
  3. Cutting Keys

    When I bought my car I had two keys, but while moving home lost the spare so now I only have one. I phoned Ford and asked how much it would be to get it cut and they wanted a staggering £136 ("approximately" she said) which to me sounds insane for just the key (without the central locking fob) So, any other options?
  4. Retro Fitting A Turbo Charger

    wow, and there was me thinking I would get it done for £500 or so - as you can tell I've no idea (hence the post) Thanks for your replies though, it's interesting esp as I thought it was as simple as bolting something onto the fuel injectors lol And yes, it sounds like it would be a lot more economical to get an ST, or just wait till I get a family and get a focus ST or something similar.
  5. Hey. I've got a 2007 Facelift and I really like the car but it's just a bit... "eh". As I like the car I was wondering about getting a turbo charger fitted to it's 1.4 Petrol engine just to give it that more of a kick. I'm not one to go flying down the road at 100mph but I would like some more acceleration, especially not from standstill (0-60 I got 13 seconds which is fine for me tbth) Has anyone ever done this? I would assume it's like turning my car into an ST version of my car, so it should not be hard/expensive to do as the engine would be "prepared" for it as such. Any thoughts would be appreciated
  6. Aux Port Query (Part No 1426121)

    Hi there. Yeah I was also thinking about buying the "official" wire, my tesco wire cost me £4.99 so paying £6.16 isn't exactly a huge price hike especially if it works. I'm going back to the dealer this morning anyway and see what they say
  7. Aux Port Query (Part No 1426121)

    Hey thanks for the replies. The lead I was using was of unknown quality, I found it in a draw lol. I then went and bought a lead from Tesco, Belkin and I had the same problem. It works when I giggle it about at the port end but as said, at best it's poor quality sound :-( There is nothing wrong at the phone end, I can plug it into my surround sound with no problems. Unfortunately that is 3.5mm to RCA so the lead is not compatible with the car radio If nobody else has had this problem then I will just take it back to the dealer and get a replacement as there is clearly something wrong with it :-(
  8. Hello. So today I spent 2 hours in the traffic en route to a ford dealership (a trip that should take 30 mins) and I bought myself this. So I fitted it with no problems, easy and quick job. Connected a cable to it and my phone and... well not much happened. I got the sound, but it seems the connector at the end of the wire is, well, rubbish. I get sound, clearly if the port is in the EXACTLY the correct position but other than that, either no sound or very muffled. Any advice? Surly the product is "less than satisfactory quality" so I don't know if I should just take it back and get some knock off from EBAY (I didnt' want to, thinking the genuine ford part would be better) or is there some special trick I'm missing? Thanks PS: Fiesta, 2007 6000CD stereo
  9. Ok basically I have an 07 Ford Fiesta, I think its the MK6 Silver Style, one or the other So everything was going well until I bought a new sat nav. Now my cigarette lighter is working intermittently in that it turns on and off, roughly 3 or 4 times a second (ie the light on the adaptor just keeps flashing. I tried it with a dash cam I've got and that does the same, just goes on and off on and off on and off. So I figure I need a new socket, so I bought one from Halfords and fitted it (which was a pain and now I have to go to ford to get a security code for my radio but that's another story) anyway that didn't solve the problem. I didn't know what fuse it was to look at, but I reckon if it is coming on then off on and off, the fuse is fine (or it would just stay off right?). Any ideas? Thanks :-)
  10. Some Seriously Stupid Questions

    I am sorry if you will call this necro-posting, but I thought it better to revive an old thread than to start another one with my ridiculous questions. I've now had the car a few months and I'm still very very happy about it. You will be happy to know I worked out the headlights :-p I was interested now in the AUX & Bluetooth. Firstly. My phone is not supported - does this mean there is NO way I can do it (ie is there an app that you know of that could do the job for me?) Secondly, I've searched high and low and there is no AUX port. How would I install one? Obviously I need to buy some sort of kit from FORD / eBay. After I have acquired such a kit would I be correct in assuming I am to remove the radio and plug it in the back of it, then drill a hole* and install the port? *I don't fancy drilling holes in the car, I would probably just have the wire coming loose into the glove box and chuck a cheap MP3 player in there with it... In summary. My phone is not supported, can I make it be? Would I have to remove the radio to install AUX port? Thank you kind people for putting up with my continued stupidity
  11. Some Seriously Stupid Questions

    Does anybody know what locking nut size I should buy?
  12. Some Seriously Stupid Questions

    Hey thanks for your replies. I got the lights working now, I thought they would not be good enough but they are just fine so thanks :-) I've not tried the bluetooth yet, when I activate the bluetooth can I use my radio as a hands free kit (ie everything comes over the car speakers?) I got the car checked out by a mechanic and he said it's all good so I'm really happy with my purchase (£3100, 07, 23k on the clock from a trade appears to be a fantastic price according to my mechanic and the dealership who called me asking if I still needed a car) :-)
  13. Ok. Firstly a disclaimer. I'm new here and I'm new to Ford in general. I learned to drive in a Focus 7 years ago but can't remember how to 'use' it as such. I bought a 2007 Fiesta Silver on Friday. It didn't come with a manual so I'm stuck at some seriously stupid point. So I'm just going to fire away. Are you ready? ***************** How do I turn the lights on? Now I have located the knob to the right of the steering wheel. I turned it and I get parking lights. So I pulled it out one notch and got some slightly better but still useless light (parking lights + lights on the front bumper) and if I pull it out again I get what I assume to be the fog lights coming on. So if I turn it again to the right, then I get what I assume to be main beam, which is too bright. Basically I want "dipped headlights" which are good for driving at night. I don't want parking lights or uber parking lights cause I don't think they will be good enough on say a country road at night. Now you might say that I could use main beam at night on a country road, but what if someone is on coming? There has to be dipped headlights but I can't work out how to get them on lol. ******************* Secondly, anyone know where I can get a manual from and a cigarette lighter and how much these should cost roughly. ******************* The radio says "aux" on it but I can't find the jack for it. Anybody know where it is? ******************* The radio also has a phone symbol on it and I saw bluetooth mentioned somewhere in the menu. Does this mean I can hook up my phone to the system and use it as hands free or something? ******************* Thanks for your help and sorry for the stupid questions!
  14. Hey. Bought a 2007 Ford Fiesta Style on Friday and traded in a !Removed! Daewoo Matiz after 8 months of ownership/endurance. So here is the stats I suppose that's a given here. The logbook says it's a ford fiesta silver, it's purple and is a 1.4 with 23k on the clock.