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  1. Armrest For Fiesta Mk7

    Thanks for the extra info, good to hear. My main concern was the occasions you apply the handbrake for long lights etc and if the rest obstructed too much (which tbf are few and far between). Appreciate the quick opinion and all the photos though, much obliged.
  2. Armrest For Fiesta Mk7

    Hows it to drive with around town? ie. can you actually use the handbrake effectively (birds eye view photo would help with this). I'm interested in the product I'm just not sure on its practicality (as has been covered in any armrest thread on this forum). I suppose a user review would be helpful ;) Great car btw :D
  3. Upgrading The Speakers

    sorry to re up this thread but wondered if anyone could tell me where and how much the speaker adapters are (links would be appreciated ;) ). i dont seem to be able to find the right ones on ebay, how much to ford charge? i only need 2 and want get my build started next week. quick update on my final build: MTX RE Q3 Infinity reference 6530cs Infinity Basslink (got a good deal on it new...£60) Pioneer GM 3400T (again good deal new...£70) should only take a couple of hours to install (fingers crossed). would anyone be interested in a guide if i was willing to put one together while doing the install???
  4. Upgrading The Speakers

    I will probably start in about 2 weeks time assuming i get the shopping done :D Yeah the 77a is a bit of a beast but as it only 8 cm high if i do go for that i was goin to do a false floor, mount the amp back there too, sit it over the spare wheel, and keep a full boot space(near enough). Both will likely be secured using industrial Velcro to make it easily removable. As for the RE-Q it should fit in fine as its only sorta 1 inch high, 4 wide and 5 deep, will want to check it though once its here, if not i'll sit it in the cabin somewhere, alternatively i could run it to the boot. What set up were you looking at Tato?
  5. Upgrading The Speakers

    Completely agree about the HU thats why im going for the RE-Q (probs gonna install it in the secret compartment). Doing the front panels isnt too bad just gotta do it carefully, but if you've got a 3 door the back panels are a pain to take out so yeah get ford or an I.C.E installer to do it simply to save you cursing till christmas. The set up im looking at is MTX RE-Q amp:Pioneer GM-3500T (2 channel) or Alpine PMX-F640 (multi channel) Component speakers: Infinity Reference 6530cs OR Pioneer TS-A171Ci sub: Pioneer TS-WX77A or Pioneer TS-WX610A Im still torn as to do a front+rear build or just do the front hence the two amps. The component speakers get good reviews and im very familiar with the pioneer set so it will probs end up being those. The spare wheel sub looks very interesting for the fez but i cant find reviews anywhere for it so i will hopefully make a trip to listen. The 77a is remarkable for its size and well worth considering at the extra cost. on a side note the 11a sub ford list as an extra is also good but positioning is paramount. Also looking into dampening materials for both boot and doors (doesnt look to bad probs £120 for all areas). Not a cheap build but not extremely expensive either.
  6. Upgrading The Speakers

    Im venturing into doing the same thing. From what i can tell the speakers are 6.5inch (17cm) but you need some kind of adaptor to fit them. As for whether you need an amp or not is dependant on what your trying to achieve, but for optimal sound quality id say yes use an amp (to keep stock hu though you need some RCA line converters). Another consideration depending on budget is something that will do what cleansweep does, the MTX RE-Q is very good (costs about £100 and is what i will use)as it levels the HU sound and restores the bass which is dampened out at higher volumes. There are a couple of topics pre existing on this subject knocking around the board somewhere might be worth doing a quick search for them, im pretty sure i saw a guide to this on here but the link escapes me. anyway hope that helps a little bit
  7. Planning speaker install for my Fez, time to go hunting

  8. Lighting

    Hi im new posting so excuse any stupidity but would somebody be able to tell me if the boot light would take a 501 led like THIS , if not what does it take as last night i couldnt see anything i was doin :( I've worked out through search on this forum what the other lights are, head lamps, footwells etc, so this is the only one i cant find through the search. Thanks EDIT: found out now, sorry for spamming the board