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  1. can't receive or send messages?

    I'm still a newbi but I have been able to receive PM's in the past??!?!
  2. What Do You Do?

    I currently work in a solicitors in the Intelligence Department working on Fraudulant claims.... It's very interesting job to be honest!!! Also working hard for applications into the police.
  3. Another Ford Forum Newbie :)

    Hey and welcome over hun!!! Loving the KA :)
  4. WANTED!!!!

    I will post up a progress thread when I get some good pictures of it in colour and standard etc?? Would anyone be interested if I did a progress thread???
  5. Introductions .....

    Hey all Not to sure if I have already introduced myself but oh well I willl do it again. I'm Jess, I'm 19 and live near Manchester. I drive an S reg Ford KA :) 1.3... Having some work done to it at the mean time so might make a progress thread up in the KA section and let you know how it's going. Hope you're all ok :) If anyone else is from around the Manchester/Stockport/Cheadle area then there is a club around this area which I'm a part of called www.kroozinnorthwest.co.uk if anyone want's to join us on any meets or events then don't hesitate to join us :) Jess
  6. WANTED!!!!

    Well the whole of the car is getting re-sprayed but I have heard that paint doesn't really look well on the plastic bumpers?? Hmmm will have to research it a bit more... or just ask the boyfriend as he is a painter
  7. WANTED!!!!

    At the moment I'm in the process of sorting my KA out.... Thought he needed a change so in this week I am picking up some new alloys for him and soon after he is having a re-spray to a lightening blue simular to the colour on the Mini Cooper's. Anyway... Before he has a re-srapy I'm trying to get some new bumpers, the one on at the moment are the black plastic bumpers.... I'm looking for either colour coded bumpers (doesn't matter what colour!) or the SportKA bumpers..... If anyone knows where I can get hold of some can they PM me or send me an email on eika@hotmail.co.uk ??? Muchly appreciated!!! Jess
  8. I finally put down my deposit!

    Hey mate that's great! I'm really lovign the new KA's they look fab! I would love to get one but for now staying with my current KA ;)
  9. New Member Here

    Morning and welcome Loving the sound of the Mondeo... nice cars :)
  10. Introductions .....

    Well I'm Jess ;) I'm 19 and I live near Manchester. I'm currently single and loving it :) I drive a Ford KA2 but that's getting replaced after the new year with a Ka Sport SE B) Probably but a few mods on that but nothing OTT
  11. FOC Age group Poll!

    Just turned 19 and loving it ;)
  12. Newbie in the house

    I probably will stick around :) I will try and come to a few meets if they're not too far away. I'm with a car club in the North West, www.kroozinnorthwest.co.uk We have quite a lot of meets and events if anyone is from around that area, be nice to meet some new faces.
  13. Newbie in the house

    B) Good good haha!!! Where abouts is everyone from around here then!?!?!
  14. Morning all :) Well I'm new as you kind of guessed... I'm Jess and I live in the North West. I currently own a Ford KA2 at the moment but hopefully getting a Ford KA Sport SE after the new year has arisen :P Hope non of you bite :D xJessx