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  1. Hi, I've just had my car returned from a garage, where it went in to diagnose if the clutch needed replacing. However on pickup of the car, I noticed the climate control LCD screen is now completely unreadable. The screen was perfect when I took the car in last Saturday, but on pickup today it just shows a bunch of hieroglyphics. The controls appear to still function however, perhaps it's just the LCD screen at fault. The garage stated it must just be coincidence the screen has failed, which I have reluctantly accepted, but my question is what is the most cost effective way of getting it fixed? The Climate controls and screen are embedded into the dash, but I assume I can access the screen when I take out the stereo CD 6000 unit above it? The car is a Ford SMAX 2007 Titanium model. Thanks S.
  2. saltyzip

    S-Max Bonnet Latch Problems

    I've had this problem too and the RAC fixed it for me the first time, subsequently I've been able to do it myself. It is bad design from ford in that any old debris can get through the grill and lodge itself into the bonnet catch, mine was a chunk of grit from a gritter lorry on both occasions. Worth flushing the catch and spraying with WD40 each time you refill the screen wash. Cheers S.
  3. Hi All, I have the official Ford roof bars for my s-max (panoramic roof) and have lost one of the solid plastic mounting inserts. I have searched high and low in the garage and it's just vanished. The mounting inserts come in pairs marked A for the front and B for the back. I have lost one of the A's. I phoned Ford and they don't sell the mounting inserts separately, so that leaves we with having to buy another set of roof bars, which seems somewhat barmy and too much of a strain on my wallet. Can anyone suggest a cheaper option? Fingers and toes crossed. S.