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  1. Sourcing Suppliers so i can start selling Replica Wheels ;)

  2. Nit long went to Brixton, Foot Locker was the worse shop done all burnt down. Now on my way to North London.

  3. Going out in abit to Croydon :D

  4. Riot supposed to be hitting Redhill tonight, wonder what state Redhill will be in tomorrow.

  5. Sticker Bomb :D

  6. Must get myself to Brixton Foot Locker, JD Sports and all the top shops, Sale on today Help Your Self :D

  7. Weeeyyyyyyyy picking my other car up today (Smokey) and will be driving on Thursday :D

  8. Black Iphone4 32gb For Sale box included £350 please PM for more info and pictures if you wish

  9. Have two Continental Contact 3 Tyres For sale 265/35/98Y/19 both have about 2mm and 3mm of tread, Legal amount 1.6mm.These Tyres are £280 NEW each im wanting £50 perfect for a track day :D

  10. Detailing the BMW M3 tomorrow before she gets shipped to Thailand :D will update with pictures ;)

  11. Dakar M3 being shipped to Thailand now on the hunt for another car plus another car to turn in for track use ;)

  12. Driving lesson today :) and will soon be on the road too with my custom L plates what got made :D

  13. Hitting Wimbledon Car Auctions today :)

  14. On my way to UKMODDED Cruise for Heroes (Bexhill) and damn that R8 looks lovely in the mirror ;) Fast Car attending tonight too :D

  15. Well what can i say i was 16 i came up with that idea and just thought lets do it :D lol.

    But now i'm 17 i have more sense :P

    Give us a add on facebook if you want, i'm under Rhys Gargano. More easy to talk on Facebook Chat lol.

  16. I know, I was in two minds turning it into a track toy or convertible so i thought a convertible. Started cutting it and i must of gone into some wires and this made it go up in flames lol. Well what can i say i worked my !Removed! off when i was young till now. And it was worth it :)

  17. Hey, didn't want to start hi-jacking that thread. So i thought its best if i write you a comment instead :P

    This is what i drive, MK7 Fiesta. The Pug is also mine but i sadly set fire to her by mistake. Was trying to make a convertible haha

  18. Just got back from driving and it went great :D next lesson on the 27th and theory test is booked for the 1st of August. As soon as i past that he thinks i can book my driving test at the end of September if i keep doing well :D

  19. Feels strange I'm going on the road in abit, and driving :o can't wait tho and if it dose go !Removed! up I'll just have to tell him to sit back and watch this boiii :P hopefully it hose great :D

  20. Thanks for all the birthday comment's and text's everyone :D had a great 17th i did spent with my lovely Kimberley Bailey and family. Went to the Brockham fair again today too wasn't bad apart from the weather but still had a great day. First driving lesson tomorrow too :D

  21. Birthday meal later :D then my 17th tomorrow weyyyyyyyyyy :P

  22. North London Car Cruise Tomorrow Night, Then Santa Pod BMW Race Way On Sunday (Ultimate BMW Day) Hopefully Sunny On Sunday :)

  23. No one has some 2010 MK7 Fiesta A-Pillar's going spare by anychance? Want to build some custom speaker pods in them :)

  24. Had a good day today finishing college, went on a convoy drive to Burger King with Matt Francis in his Renult Clio with James Cook and i went in the Fiat Cinquecento with Kimberley Bailey :P No more college till September :D

  25. Getting drove to college last day too by my lil private taxi (Kimberley Bailey) :D hehe.

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