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  1. Sourcing Suppliers so i can start selling Replica Wheels ;)

  2. Nit long went to Brixton, Foot Locker was the worse shop done all burnt down. Now on my way to North London.

  3. Going out in abit to Croydon :D

  4. Riot supposed to be hitting Redhill tonight, wonder what state Redhill will be in tomorrow.

  5. Sticker Bomb :D

  6. Must get myself to Brixton Foot Locker, JD Sports and all the top shops, Sale on today Help Your Self :D

  7. Weeeyyyyyyyy picking my other car up today (Smokey) and will be driving on Thursday :D

  8. Black Iphone4 32gb For Sale box included £350 please PM for more info and pictures if you wish

  9. Have two Continental Contact 3 Tyres For sale 265/35/98Y/19 both have about 2mm and 3mm of tread, Legal amount 1.6mm.These Tyres are £280 NEW each im wanting £50 perfect for a track day :D

  10. Detailing the BMW M3 tomorrow before she gets shipped to Thailand :D will update with pictures ;)

  11. Dakar M3 being shipped to Thailand now on the hunt for another car plus another car to turn in for track use ;)

  12. Driving lesson today :) and will soon be on the road too with my custom L plates what got made :D

  13. Hitting Wimbledon Car Auctions today :)

  14. On my way to UKMODDED Cruise for Heroes (Bexhill) and damn that R8 looks lovely in the mirror ;) Fast Car attending tonight too :D

  15. Well what can i say i was 16 i came up with that idea and just thought lets do it :D lol.

    But now i'm 17 i have more sense :P

    Give us a add on facebook if you want, i'm under Rhys Gargano. More easy to talk on Facebook Chat lol.

  16. I know, I was in two minds turning it into a track toy or convertible so i thought a convertible. Started cutting it and i must of gone into some wires and this made it go up in flames lol. Well what can i say i worked my !Removed! off when i was young till now. And it was worth it :)

  17. Hey, didn't want to start hi-jacking that thread. So i thought its best if i write you a comment instead :P

    This is what i drive, MK7 Fiesta. The Pug is also mine but i sadly set fire to her by mistake. Was trying to make a convertible haha

  18. Yes it's a lovely car. Santa pod is always the best show for the year i think for the BMW side. Let me know if you do plan to go up i may also go on the same day, would take my fiesta but don't drive yet so i will be going in the BMW again but still a good day :D Hopefully the time should be much better if he still gets the ESS Supercharger fitted at the start of next year. But then he is in two minds of selling.
  19. No due to having no licence yet like i said, but my girlfriend and me took it in turns going up the strip with my dad driving it. Only place i have driven both of the BMW's is a car park near where i live, but its got a nice straight in the car park. So had a good chance to open her up then :D But for people intrested in the time we got, 13.1secs @ 107.4mph going up the strip was are best time :)
  20. Best would be my dads E92 M3 Dakar Yellow Edition, but couldn't drive it propper due to being in a small car park and no driving licence. But had a few chance's to open her up :D My second best would be his old Laguna Seca Blue M3 Convertible
  21. Just got back from driving and it went great :D next lesson on the 27th and theory test is booked for the 1st of August. As soon as i past that he thinks i can book my driving test at the end of September if i keep doing well :D

  22. Feels strange I'm going on the road in abit, and driving :o can't wait tho and if it dose go !Removed! up I'll just have to tell him to sit back and watch this boiii :P hopefully it hose great :D

  23. Thanks for all the birthday comment's and text's everyone :D had a great 17th i did spent with my lovely Kimberley Bailey and family. Went to the Brockham fair again today too wasn't bad apart from the weather but still had a great day. First driving lesson tomorrow too :D

  24. Birthday meal later :D then my 17th tomorrow weyyyyyyyyyy :P

  25. North London Car Cruise Tomorrow Night, Then Santa Pod BMW Race Way On Sunday (Ultimate BMW Day) Hopefully Sunny On Sunday :)

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