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  1. Exterior Styling

    Thanks alot guys much appreciate your help! I think I'll have a look around a local scrapyard see what I can get! I'll upload some pics when Ill upload a pic when it's done
  2. Exterior Styling

    Hi all, Iv got a fiesta black edition and iv put green bases from DMB and green stripes on the side just wondering if anyone else could suggest any other mods! I'd like a small spoiler to complete the look but can't find any small ones
  3. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    Sweet :) I'll b there :)
  4. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    Is this meet open to anyone and newbies?
  5. Hey guys! Iv got a ford mk6 fiesta black edition and iv just put green stripes down the doors, green badges, I was thinking mud flaps and a small spoiler! Can anyone help with places to buy these? Any other suggestions would be great :) Cheers
  6. Gear Crunching ?

    If this crunching continues I'd defiantly get it checked out! I have a Peugeot 106 that crunched when put into 3rd gear and eventually my gear box went and I couldnt get the gear stick out of 3rd gear and was stuck on Christmas eve in the middle of a round about not good :/ lol
  7. Fiesta Black Mk6 In Need Of Spoiler

    Also anyone got any idea what colour black it is incase I need to spray it? Is it panther black?
  8. Fiesta Black Mk6 In Need Of Spoiler

    Thanks alot! And yeah I'll upload pics :)
  9. Hertfordshire Meet

    I'm up for a meet if we can get others on board too!!
  10. Hey I got a fiesta black 03 plate mk6! And I'm after a rear spoiler nothing to big like a zetec spoiler! Does anyor know where I can get one and if so how to fit it?
  11. How Do You Change Cable In Seat

    I'm in the exact same position apart from I have leather seats and havnt got a clue how to do it!
  12. Hertfordshire Meet

    Is there any ford meets in hertforshire area, in particular the Stevenage and surrounding areas? Wouldn't mind seeing more fords!?
  13. New Member

    Hey, I'm new to this site, iv owned a ford for a year now a fiesta black edition and I'm now starting to modify it, iv tinted windows and got new badges, but have still yet to paint my calipers. But will upload some pics for anyone interested later :).