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  1. Happy Birthday sammie05!

  2. sammie05


    Thanks Lenny, I do try to wash/polish the Ka every month. I will look into the overlays, my badges and centre caps have seen better days.
  3. sammie05


    Hi guys and girls, I registered on here ages ago but only just starting to post. I have a silver 05 StreetKa Luxury which I have had for just over 2 years, before that I had a rusty little blue Micra, so the Street was a definite upgrade No major mods planned/done; I've upgraded the cd player, switched to clear indicator lenses and bought the hardtop for winter. I loved browsing the site in the past when I had a problem with the Street, so excited to join in and hopefully help others :) Sammy.
  4. sammie05

    Streetka Manual

    Hi, they are available to buy on ebay, but pretty expensive - there's one for £21.99 on there at the moment. I have one and don't mind scanning a few pages if there's something specific you want to know.
  5. sammie05

    Womans Kar

    I've got the StreetKa, my dad drives it a few times a year and does get some funny looks when at lights and roundabouts. Your brother's friends probably will take the mick out of him, they are quite girly but in my opinion, decent little cars.