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  1. Hi guys. I'm about to update my maps on my sync 2. Only just bought my Grand C-Max and currently got F5 Maps. Can anyone tell me if I need F7 or F8 for my sync 2 or is F8 for Sync 3
  2. yozza64

    sync 2

    I'm not 100% certain, but I think the most up to date map version is F7. I am currently on F5, but will be upgrading to F7 shortly.
  3. yozza64


    Hi can anyone tell me if my 2016 1.5 Diesel Zetec spec Grand C-Max is meant to have DRL's as when the engine is running I have no front lights illuminated unless I manually turn the lights on. I do not have the Auto lights function on my car.
  4. Hi guys I have noticed on my 65 reg Zetec Grand C-Max that I don't have the global open/close facility or the auto lock facility. Can these be turned on
  5. Hi guys have recently bought a 2016, 65 Plate Grand C-Max. Only owned the car 3 days and totally love it. Obviously due to it being a 2016 my car no longer has the manufactures warranty. Now I need some advice. Very shortly I will be getting a tow bar fitted with single electrics. I'm unsure as to which wiring loom to go for ie dedicated or universal. I'm opting for the fixed swan neck type as my car has rear parking sensors. If the sensors pick the tow bar up I can easily remove the tow ball until I need to use it. I am a bit hesitant about getting the dedicated wiring loom due to cost, but I have seen the dedicated wiring loom on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-...e=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Or do you think I would be ok using a universal wiring loom.
  6. Hi guys picked up my new to me 2016, 65 Reg Grand C-Max 1.5 Diesel Zetec in Deep Impact Blue. Only had the car 1 day and can honestly say I love it having previously come from a Vauxhall Astra. I have a couple of questions. Does my car have Sync or Sync 2. Also as my car has built in Sat Nav is it possible to upgrade this to newest version.
  7. When I resealed around the pollen filter it was where the pollen filter housing butts up against the bulkhead. When I remove the scuttle panel to get to the pollen filter there was no sealant at all in that area. Didn't know there was meant to be sealant on the scuttle panel. If there was where about is it meant to be.
  8. No my car has no sun roof. Was thinking of resealing around the lights anyway
  9. Hi guys I really need your help. For some time now I have been getting water collecting in the front passenger footwell, and no where else. Have had the wife directing a hosepipe over the area I thought it was coming in from, but could not see any water dripping/running inside the car. I have now done the usual things like:- 1) Replaced Pollen Filter and resealed behind it. Water still getting in. 2) Removed inner door seal as it looked like it was getting in there. Used silicon sealant around the lip and groove of door seal. Water still getting in. 3) Had door card off and everything seems ok. Have also checked in boot which seems dry. Also n/s rear carpet seems dry as well. I used to really love this car, but its now getting to the stage of I don't care anymore, but need to really get this water leak sorted out. Any advice would be very grateful, as I feel like putting a match to it as its doing my head in.
  10. Hi guys as most of you are aware of the problems I'm having with the heated drivers door mirror I have decided to replace both of the door mirrors, as I have now come across a pair of door mirrors even colour coded the same colour as my car, at a very reasonable price for the 2. The only thing at the moment I'm unsure of is if they are for a pre-facelift or facelift Mondeo. Does anybody know what if any difference there is, apart from I know that the facelift mirrors are slightly bigger in size glass wise. If that is the only difference that is something that does not bother me.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Bit of an update, checked the heated door mirrors again, and found as previously stated the passenger door gets nice and warm, but have now noticed that the drivers door mirror barley gats warm. From what I can now gather there is power getting to the mirror. So to me it sounds like either a bad connection or faulty heating element. May have to take a trip to my local scrap yard and aquire a replacement door mirror
  12. I see as Im not a regular poster nobody is prepared to help me
  13. Hi Guys need your help/advice. Looked through the forum but can not find a definitive answer. I bought my 54 Reg MK3 Mondeo early part of the year. Due to the cold frosty mornings, I've recently started to notice that my drivers side heated door mirror isn't working. The passengers side door mirror is getting warm as it should do, but not the drivers side. The connections behind the mirror seem ok from what I can see, as there is not much room. Also don't feel confident in trying to remove the mirror glass. I need to remove the drivers door card to reseal it as its leaking slightly. So could someone please tell me if the wiring that controls the heated door mirror is part of the wiring for the electric door mirror or is it separate I.e inside the door behind the membrane. I have read somewhere that sometimes it can be just a case of disconnecting it a few times to get it to work. Your help would be most appreciated.
  14. Alan from Runcorn. Drive a Facelift MK3 Mondeo