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  1. New Fiesta Range - Red & Black Editions

    I am looking at getting the Red Edition as my new car when I change in September. Is the Red edition a time limited special edition? What is the current lead time for a factory build?
  2. Valuation On My Fiesta Titanium

    Managed to get £8100 in the end.
  3. Valuation On My Fiesta Titanium

    Just done the valuation on WhatCar.com and that suggests £8,300.
  4. I am just in the process of getting a new car as I am at the end of my current Options agreement. I have been down to the dealer I got it from to see what they would offer me and for the spec below they have offered £7,500 Fiesta Titanium 3dr 1.6 60 plate (October 2010) Midnight Sky Titanium X Pack Full Dress up Kit. 2,200 Miles. I was expecting the offer to be at least £8,500 as this is what I got for my first fiesta with the same spec. What do you guys think of this figure?
  5. Ideas On Source Of Interior Rattle

    This is my second Mk7 and the first one did not do this.
  6. I am having an issue with my mk7 3dr Titanium this being a rattle that seems to be coming from the passenger side rear quarter panel. I have tried pressing in various places to see it just needed to be clicked back into place. Has anyone else had the same issue and managed to solve it?
  7. Harder Start The Car In The Evening

    In both locations it parked flat. In the morning it will have been stationary for about 16 hours. In the evening when I get in it to drive home it will have been stationary for about 8 hours.
  8. Hi, I have Fiesta Mk 7 1.6 Titanium. Which I picked up in October last year. I have now started having a strange issue with starting it in the evening to drive home from the station. In the morning I can start the car easliy by just turning the key and not using any accelerator input. However in the evenings I have to use the accelerator to start the car. Has anyone got any thoughts on what is going on? Regards mogwai.
  9. Sea Grey

    Sea Grey got removed in September. I think the Bluetooth and usb where made standard when they introduced the new Sony Stereo. I wanted a Sea Grey when I ordered my new one a couple months ago and as I couldn't have sea grey I went for Midnight Sky.
  10. Here is photo of my new Fiesta Titanium in Midnight Sky.
  11. Fiesta Mk7 Sony Head Unit

    The only thing that I know about it is that you can now only have it on a Titanium when ordering a new car. As far as buying it afterwards I have not seen any mention of it.
  12. Bluetooth Phone Compatibility

    My HTC Desire works.
  13. New Colour

    Here is a pic of my 10 day old Fiesta Titanium
  14. No Spare Wheel For Fiesta Titanium

    Is there a particular reason you don't want to get the spacesaver wheel? I have it for my Fiesta and have had cause to use it twice and the car drove fine with it eventhough I have the 17' Titanium X Pack alloy's on the other 3 corners.
  15. New Titanium

    Have you got the 17' wheels on the new one and did you have the normal Titanium wheels on the last one? When I first got my Fiesta I thought it was wandering a bit, I think that it was just tramlineing a bit. Once I was used to the car it didn't seem to happen anymore.