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  1. Factory Fitted Bulbs

    Thats Brilliant Stoney871 and Brigante, thank you for your reply's. Previous cars I haven't liked the light coming from them and have had HID conversions put on them, but I read even though they go through a MOT they were not legal with out self balancing or washers on them. I thought buying a pretty new car the headlights would be better and was disappointed by the light emitted. So really pleased I can get more light from changing the bulbs. I do like the brighter white look. Thank you again!
  2. Ive seen a advert on this forum saying standard factory fitted bulbs in cars are not that very bright and buying new ones can greatly improve headlight performance. Can any one confirm this themselves and any brand of bulb they can recognise? Thanks. Oh I drive a Mk 4 Modeo Estate
  3. I have a Mark 3 Ford Mondeo 2.0 tdi Zetec 97 Estate, just wondered if its possible to go to a garage and ask them to do a check on it to test everthing engine wise is working like it should be, ie injectors, turbo, air box? etc. I'm thinking this would not be covered in a service, would i ask for a general diagnostic or what? Thanks for reading.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has fiited them to the front of their Mondeo, where exactly, how easy was it. I love LED's and love the Audi head light look, would like something similar on my ford estate. thanks
  5. I have a modeo 2.0L TDCI Zetec Mark 3 2007 Estate, it has basic seats with a stiff cog to lean it back, also electric elevate button. I am a tall bloke (6ft 7) with a bad back, i like to tilt the seat back when waiting in the car but would prefer a electric one or with a tilt lever. Does anyone know if a seat off a better model would be easy to fit and hook up electric wise? There must be some power by the chair so it gos up and down. Thanks for any help :-)~
  6. Oh anyone know if i'd need different size bolts or spacers?
  7. Hi I have a Mondeo 2.0 zetec disel estate 2007 model (Not the newest model) it has 16" wheels on at the moment with 205/55r 91V tyres on. I never was keen on the design to be honest. I have just bought some ST220 18" Alloys with a 7.5 J rim width. Thing is i have no clue what sizes of tires i can buy to fit the wheel and my car. Would like some to fill the arch and would like to know what will look good and feel good. I would be grateful for any help thanks :)
  8. 2007 Ford Mondeo user manual !!!

    Hi Got a Mondeo from a vw garage, no manual with it, been waiting since November to get a replacement. Got a idea they are hard to come by and haven't found it anywhere on the net. Stereo manual out of print i've been told!
  9. After Marlet Xeon Kits

    Thanks for your reply mintalking, I appreciate you taking the time to reply and it has made things a bit clearer
  10. After Marlet Xeon Kits

    Oops that was meant to be after market in the title, not after marlet
  11. After putting on a aftermarket kit on my previous VW Passat I was blown away with the light emitted. It was great at night, really lit up motorway signs and was easy on your eyes when driving. I was a total convert. So just recently buying my Mondeo Zetec estate i was interested in getting the headlights converted to Xeon headlamps. I thought it being a fairly new car i would look into having the proper kit installed by a ford garage. However after talking to them they informed me it would cost thousands of pounds since suspension bits and all sorts would have to be changed. Something about the headlamps moving when the car goes around corners and up and down in dips. So I said I'm better off going to after market kits then, which he agreed. So I rang the internet site who sent me their kit the last time and i was informed that actually these HID Kits are not actually road legal! Apparently because they are fixed lights and don't move. I was told though that they would pass a MOT at the level set and my last car indeed did. So I'm interested if anyone else has got these aftermarket HID kits on and have had any trouble having them on by the police? I have to say it wasn't obvious on the site that the kits aren't legal and i wonder how many of their customers realise this.
  12. New Member Here

    Hi I had a VW Passat Tdi previously, a Renault Laguna before that, a Vauxhaull Cavalier before that, and a VW golf before that. I'm hoping for good things from the year and a half old Modeo 2.0 TDCI Zetec Estate i have just bought. Nice to meet you all :-)~