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  1. Hey guys, long time since ive been on.. mainly because my car has had zero modifications since I last posted. From when I got the car in dec 2011 the transmission light would come on intermittently once every so often but it never caused any problems and no garage could pick up what the problem was. Now the light comes on and when its on the car loses all power, and the accelerator goes dead to responses if its revved and the car revs itself up to about 1.5k. rpm. :( Now the strange thing is its not showing any error codes, its been at 2 garages and a specialist diagnostic guy has been out, and the light has stayed on in the past for a few hours to two weeks. Also, Ive had the accelerator replaced as that was the only thing the garage I took it to could think it was. 3 hours later it broke down again. Its now worked absolutely fine and as normal for a week but has came on again and again its undriveable. Anyone any ideas why or what this is? Any advice would be appreciated as im at my wits end trying to figure out what it is! Ive attempted to upload 2 videos to show the noise it makes when the engine is on which seems mostly normal and then the noise that comes from the engine bay immediately after turning the engine off. :/ Apoligies for the mega long post haha! :) fezz.MOV Fez.MOV
  2. Ah ok doke, would something like redex work just as well? Only I dunno when my car will start working and I could buy a bottle of redex at a petrol station haha :P
  3. thanks a lot for the link, so when it starts working again try fill it right up and put this in it?
  4. Ah. Im beginning to think I might just be better selling the car, it sounds like even just getting that cleaned could be an expensive job :/ Would a faulty egr valve work sometimes & not work other times? Just wondering as the car seems to be going through phases of being fine then becomes undriveable :(
  5. Thanks for the reply, is the eml light the same thing as the transmission light? Also any ideas how much it costs to replace an egr valve? :/
  6. Alright guys, so after my work tonight was scraping mu car (was -3 outside) & the inside of my windows were frozen too? Is this normal on the mk7? My mk6 never did this :/ Cheers!
  7. Footwell Lighting

    Cheers for the reply Lenny! But i dont think id be able to fit all tht properly, like removing the a pillar bits and splicing wires ;/ Im not good at stuff like that lol.
  8. Alright folks, As most of you know ive got a 09 fez and tonight the volume control stopped working on my stereo AND my steering wheel. All the other buttons worked but i wasnt able to control the volume in any way Was hoping i could avoid taking it to ford as theyll likely charge some crazy amount to look at it, was hoping someone on here would know what it possibly was? Cheers
  9. Footwell Lighting

    Ive got the bulb holders but no wiring etc :( Is it possible to retrofit this or is it too complicated? im a bit of a noob especially with electrics :P
  10. Odd Squeak On Mk7

    Alright folks :) Noticed recently when im driving at low speeds and sometimes fast I can hear an intermittent squeaking sound. Its defo coming from the outside not inside and the best way to describe it i guess is almost like birds tweeting haha? Just wondered if any1 had any idea what it could possibly be :) Cheers!
  11. Bad Brakes

    Alright everyone, I know that many people have complained about the mk7's brakes not being the best but recently I think there could be something up with mine, when im braking i dont really feel them in any way until my foot has pushed the brake pedal nearly all the way to the floor, and i seem to glide to a stop more often than not. Yous reckon its something I should get checked out or is this what every1 else feels theirs is like? Cheers fellas!
  12. Bad Brakes

    What did they di to sort yours? Bleed them? :)
  13. Bad Brakes

    Were they able to do anything to make them less spongy? I want mine sorted! :(
  14. Zetec S Foot Brake Pedal Travel

    Im the exact same mate, been told my brakes are fine but theres loads of travel in them :/ Dont have much confidence in them tbh when im driving!
  15. Bad Brakes

    I might take it somewhere else for a second opinion in that case! Cuz im sure mind need bled haha
  16. Bad Brakes

    Took my car to my local garage today they said my brakes were working fine but i still dont understand why theres so much travel in my brake pedal :/
  17. Bad Brakes

    Well i dont think its leaking cuz it'd be leaving little puddles on my drive but ill check to see if it needs topped up tomorrow then book it into a garage to get bled :). Any ideas on how much itll roughly cost?
  18. Bad Brakes

    Yeah it does! Cuz sometimes i need to press it let go press it let go a few times to stop sharper & this makes the brake pedal go firm.
  19. Bad Brakes

    Well its an 09 plate but i only bought it in december & it was serviced then so possibly then?
  20. Mk7 Bluetooth Audio

    I too have the same problem, phone has option to stream through "ford audio" but the stereo shows no option for bluetooth! However thanks for that piece of info about voice control, tried that and mine does that too which i didnt know! :D Though i cant control the music through the car buttons either.. surely our stereos need updated? I doubt ford would be much use tho last time i asked them they denied that my car was even capable of streaming music over bluetooth haha.
  21. Finally Part Of Club De-Tango

    Cheers i might give that a try! Only thing is idk how good ill be at claying & i know if its done wrong it can cause further scratches :/
  22. Finally Part Of Club De-Tango

    Looks good, i felt the exact same after de-tangoing my fez. Im also the same as u in that the last owner didnt care for the car much, the paintwork has a sort of rough feel to it & has a few scratches as well as swirls, think its in need of a really good detail, shame im an absolute novice haha!
  23. Loose Windscreen Trim

    I take if you mean the bits round the side of the front windscreen? Id like to know this too as one of mine has actually blown off! So need to get a replacement asap :/
  24. Mk6 Fuel Breather Problem??

    My mk6 used to make that sorta hissing noise everytime i opened it i think its normal mate :)
  25. Fiesta Metal - Stolen

    So sorry to hear about this mate, hope all goes well with your new metal. & hopefully the scum who nicked your old one get whats comin to them!