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  1. Fuel Filter On Mk 2.5 Focus

    thanks thought it might part of the pump ect and none servicable as had a good look around underneath around the petrol tank ect will just use some fuel injector cleaner ever second oil change to keep things ok, i use shell v power 98 octane but just incase cheers guys ;)
  2. hi anybody know if their is a fuel filter anywere on 2008 mk 2.5 focus 2.0ltr HE duratec manual gearbox, just wanting to know so i can change it at 100,000ks, thanks in advance ;)
  3. Focus Mk1 Starting Problem

    also check you charging voltage of your alternator to the battery with the engine running should be about 13.5v at least then turn all your lights ect on and make sure the voltage increases. + tightness of alternator belt. check the voltage at the starter terminals key on.then check with the engine cranking and the connections on the starter are tight. and i would have someone at a garage load test your battery but you will need to fully charge your battery for this test to be done :)
  4. Scangauge 2

    hi guys ordered one of these today from the states will let you know how it goes when i get it ;) http://www.scangauge.com/products/scangaugeii/ all up 240 New Zealand $$$$ delivered
  5. Auxiliary Drive Belt Problem

    mines only lasted 80,000ks just done it and the noise stopped!!
  6. Focus Electrical Problems

    i would disconnet the battery as above and would check the connectors from the GEM unit to make sure the connector pins are not damaged in any way like water getting into them ect and then i would spray some contact cleaner on them if all ok! also if you have the wiring diagram would check for power and the earth to the gem module ;)
  7. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    checked for some power their to bulb holders none!! checked wire resistance all good so must be controled buy the GEM module me thinks as all wiring and fuses check out :angry:
  8. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    got the holders im mine 2008 2.0ltr he duratec manual just need to put a test light there to see if they go!!!!! nice find m8 :D
  9. hi just joined up!!!! ive got a 2008 ford focus mk 2 facelift 2ltr he duratec 5 speed manual,car is standard apart from k&n air filter. living in new zealand now but from scotland orginally c u Rab :D