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  1. Focus 2007 1.8 Petrol (Crap Mpg?)

    well after doing well over 1,000 miles in ireland, 80% on motorways the best we got was 32.6mpg... think we'll part ex back for a diesel fiesta!
  2. Focus 2007 1.8 Petrol (Crap Mpg?)

    cheers, makes sense that idea, im old school and dont trust computers ;) were off on holiday round ireland for a week soon so give it a full run and get an accurate idea then hopefully.
  3. Focus 2007 1.8 Petrol (Crap Mpg?)

    cheer for the replies, sorry for the lack of info, the car is a 2007 and only got 24k on the clock, we are the second owners and it has full service histoy all ford accept the last one. i think i know what the problem may be, it only does short runs each week roughly 6 miles each day hence its showing crap mpg? we took her on a big run over the last bank holiday and it showed 31pmg i have also read on the internet if you have the 17" sport pack wheels which we have the onboard computer is programmed for the 16" so does not give a correct reading???
  4. Hi All. We have had the 1.8 zetec for 4 months now and we have never got over the 29mpg mark! Is this normal, it's only a 1.8 for gods sake. i have been driving it like miss daisy and still cant get it over the 30mpg mark..... what are others getting? cheers ps- i cant find the powers steering fluid reservior (had a nightmare with a 1.4tdci fiesat running low), i was told that this model doesnt have a reservior as it's electric steering????
  5. What Does This Switch Do? (Pics)

    anyone? i cant believe nobody knows what its for or never seen it before?
  6. What Does This Switch Do? (Pics)

    cheers, i actually found this pic on google (st)... the heated seats are smaller buttons. the button next to the left heated seat is the one like mine thats blank, but i doubt my car has ESP??
  7. What Does This Switch Do? (Pics)

    cheers, i thought they were for heated seats, but i think the heated seat buttons are thinner and have roller wheels on them. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm??
  8. Hi All, I was fittinng an AUX cable for the wifes Ipod in her car (57reg Zetec 1.8 petrol), I cut a hole in the righthandside blank button (next to rear windscreen heater) for a laugh i flipped off the lefthand side button (marked with an arrow in the below pic)and to my shock it is actully wired!?? 1 - what is this butotn for? 2 - can i get a pushbutton to make it work? a bloke in work reckons its the remote boot release and its a standard wiring loom, just on the zetec it didnt come as standard? cheers for any help
  9. Rattle Noise, Fuel, Water Pump Bearings?

    cheers for that, will give it a go tomorrow.... ive got to learn! thanks again
  10. Hi All, The wifes 52 reg 1.4TDCI (87,000 miles) i making a strange noise. It is coming from the aux belt area, am i right in saying this runs the power steeering, fuel and water pump and the alternator? It started last night(a small whoosh, whoosh noise)turned off the engine started again and it was gone and started again on the way to work - when i got to work i actually dropped the car off at the local garage, they left it running for an hour and checked it now and again, all they could find was a loose bolt for the airbox!!?? and said they cant see/hear anything dodgy. (have used them for all previous work on the car and they have been great) so sod's law drove her home and it started again, it is intermittent, it is more of low rattle/clicking noise. To help... 1 - There are no warning lights coming on the dash 2 - It is not overheating, temp is on normal 3 - changes gears fine 4 - steering is fine 5 - starts fine 6 - all electrics work. 7 - it had all injectors replaced about 2 years ago 8 - The timing belt and steering rack have been changed in the last 12 months. any ideas? a bloke in work thinks its the water pump bearings on the way out? could the aux belt itself be slipping?? but it seems more a fault wih a pump/alternator? im just scared that if the wife carries on driving it something will eventually give up and seize, not fun when she has the baby in the car. cheers for any pointers help... :)
  11. 2010 Model 1.8 Petrol. Awful Fuel Consumption

    hi we have a 57 reg 1.8 zetec, bought quite recently. the wife uses it for the commute and we were not at all happy with the MPG, 21-23 on short runs and only 27-28 on longer dual carriagways. it pains to say it but there was a marked difference going form tesco fuel to shell. it happens to other manufacturers aswell, its modern engines for you! again driving style pays in th elong run aswel, learning when to brake and use the gas etc, it sound silly but it does work. i use wyns injector cleaner every couple of fill ups aswell, seems to help aswell but it could just be a placebo ;)
  12. Help!! 6000Cd Removal??? Bloody Removal Keys!!

    cheers for the post, sadly i found that link a while back, still can't get the damn thing out! i think half the problem is not wanting to go rambo on it and wreck the stereo/fascia
  13. Evening All, Trying to get the evil ford 6000cd out of the wifes 57 plate focus and fit this i bought off ebay- IPOD CABLE It came with 4 very thin dodgy looking keys that do not look like they are OEM (offical ford keys) same as these.... anyway i have tried every possible way of inserting them, curved side inwards and the other way around but nothing still wont budge. the two top keys go all the way in and 'seem' to click but when i pull they just slide out!! i have read loads of posts on the web and one guy rekcons you dont need the keys you have to unclip the silver surround and then it exposes 4 screws?! but if this was true why would there be 4 removal slots?? i think im going to buy this ford satnav/dvd anyway ford dvd/satnav and ask the local stereo place to fit it... maybe. any thoughts on the above? cheers for any help!
  14. Car - 52reg Fiesta 1.4 TDCI she's getting on with 87k on the clock... in the last 6 months the timing belt and steering rack have been done. i initially thought it was one of the front wheel bearings but now not so sure as the noise 'comes and goes'... (over the years when ive had bearings go it just gets louder and louder and louder) it sounds stupid but the noise seems more prevalent when the car is warmed up and you are doing over 50mph, its more of a light 'bump, bump, bump' than a 'drone, drone, drone' - also when you pull off from a junction if you dont get the bite just right it pulls off like a bag of spanners and it feels like the engine block is moving? really dont need the car to pack in just yet as skint. MOT coming up soon so expecting a few quid to be spent...
  15. Fiesta 1.4TDCI (52REG) - Starting problems

    cheers everyone for the answers, the car is booked in for an MOT next week, although I would love to give it a go myself i don't feel confident so going to get the garage to take a look. i miss the days of my old mini where i knew what was what and you could fix everything with a few tools ;) also its the wifes car so if i b*gger it up you can imagine the fall out!