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  1. Ford Meet Ideas

    Thorpe park is not to far away 4 me but alton towers in a mission about 3 hours ish dont mind doing it though just ads to the weekend. should be able to go on any weekend do have play football on saturdays but can get out of it. some one will have to come up with a date. ya driving up in groups or together would b a laugh.
  2. Ford Meet Ideas

    hello i would be up for coming to a car meet. think it would be a good few days. dont really no where you could do it though. i dont really mind where it is i would just make a weekend out of it.
  3. Fiesta flame 54 plate cd player!!

    hello. no sorry didint do it in the end. but look in to it in deltail. have seen fiestas with it done and it does look smart.
  4. Introductions .....

    Hi ya every one. Im Sam from southampton. i drive a 2004 red fiesta. Done some mods to it, i have lowered it 30mm all round. Got hold of some 17" ford 7 spoke black alloy wheels, tinted all 5 windows black, and put a boot build init. im really pleased with the car and the way it looks. no mods to the engine. (pictures will be on shortly.) I work as a technician at a dodge, chrysler and jeep dearlership, and i am really into football. Hello all?
  5. Fiesta flame 54 plate cd player!!

    hi ya mate. ya that is a good way to do it but ford also sell a new trim with the space already there. might be more money though. how you finding your fiesta?
  6. Fiesta flame 54 plate cd player!!

    hello there. you can get around it if you really dont want to cut your dash. you can buy a new facial from fords i think it is around £50 and you just replace it with your one. the new one will have 2 slots one for your new head unit and one just to use as storage. it will look a lot tidier. dont forget you will also need the adapters to fit your new head unit dont think there the same and think they are around £15. hope this helps!
  7. my fiesta

    just a few pictures of my car