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  1. Radio Code

    Hi, can anyone help me with the radio code as Ive lost it. Radio model M383588 thanks
  2. Galaxy Wiper Issues

    Hi Yoda, same thing happened to me last year and its the bearings seizing up on the wiper mechanism. I've heard that you can sometimes free them up by greasing them but dont know how as mine were replaced by AA on a servie plan John49
  3. Hi, I have been having problems with my auto box for some time now it started as a kick/thump when 5th gear was engaged and went on to reverse gear sometimes not engaging and sounds like the belts slipping when accelerating and then releasing the pedal. I went to a garage last october and they changed the g/box with a reconditioned one (so I was told!) but the problems have come back and of course the waranty has expired. I've noticed on the S-Max forum that they have been having the same problems on their g/boxes and that there may be a problem with the modules communicating with each other and not the g/box needing to be replaced. I 've sent a PM to a member there but if anyone else has some useful info I'd be very grateful.