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  1. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci (56) - Loss Of Power

    Yes I did - I had this in Fords so many times it was ridiculous, they ended up telling the ECU that I had a new DPF and they topped up the Additive for it - However this did not solve the issue then they said it was the instrument cluster and they loaded up a newer version of software for the instrument cluster saying I would need a new instrument cluster if it did not solve the issue - which it did not. My car was actually unusable for over a month, randomly starting sometimes and stopping, eventually I tapped the top of the binacle (by accident!) and the car sprang into life, I was then recommended to take my instrument cluster out and send it to a (brilliant) company called BBA Reman they ran some tests found some issues and fixed my instrument cluster. It was a bit of a faf to get it out (beware the hidden clips - top of instrument cluster!) but they where helpful, friendly and solved my problem the best thing was I arranged it via an Ebay sale and it cost me £125 rather than the £600 Ford's wanted! Hope this helps!
  2. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci (56) - Loss Of Power

    Blast! - After a couple of weeks and a few nice long trips with no problems my Focus has gone into full sulk mode now, I am now waiting for a mobile mechanic (he was recommended by a neighbor) to come and check what faults show up, at least now I will know once and for all what the exact problem is. I suspect there will be whistling through teeth! :(
  3. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci (56) - Loss Of Power

    Jesus! - Talk about a minefield, I thought I had done my homework on this, out of all the companies mentioned on the DPF Removal thread only one of them still offers the service - seeing as it is technically illegal I dont think I will be doing that.. Seems I might have to do some saving if I cannot find an alternate to the money grabbing Ford dealer option. Such a shame as this has been the most reliable and all round nicest car I have owned - obviously comes at a price! :(
  4. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci (56) - Loss Of Power

    Thanks for the advice - I will do as you say and get it to do a forced regen. I will also give it a service as well, as you say best to cover all bases, check fluids etc. As for the DPF I will have to try and find somewhere in Essex other than Ford's to replace it, I cannot justify the £1000 plus bill they charge for this, I know this part of owning a diesel Focus but it still hurts! If you or someone else knows or could recommend a garage that could a perform a DPF replacement I would appreciate a pointer... Thanks again...
  5. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci (56) - Loss Of Power

    Sorry to bump this - but I really could do with some advice, I have looked through this forum and also done some research via Google, I suspect it is a mechanical rather than electronic issue (because of the lack of codes) but there does seem to a more than a few things that could cause this. :(
  6. Hello - Could I have some help/advice please? I have a 56 Ford Focus 1.6TDCi which I bought 18 months ago with 62K on the clock, I had a Ford main dealer service done at 75K (inc. additive for fuel tank) now I am up to 83K (I regularly drive round the M25 to Slough) the only thing I have not replaced is the DPF, looking on Google the advice seems to be unless you have an issue this is not necessary. Yesterday (& Friday) I was driving locally when the car acted like it had stalled, all the warning lights came on the dash and the car lost almost all power (limp mode) when I restarted the car later it was fine, I took it to a local (friendly) garage who put a code reader on the car, but there was not any codes to download. They advised me to take it to Fords if it does it again, however my local Ford main dealer charge £86.00+VAT just to check the codes - which I know there are not any. Has anyone encountered this and knows what it good be? - I don't want to risk the M25 if my car suddenly does the same thing again, in rush hour it would be a guaranteed pile up!