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  1. 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.25 or 1.4 ?

    Thank you very much guys for the answers. I was going for the 1.25 but got the 1.4 instead. Can get it this monday from my local dealership and I like the color better (a nice light blue). Anyway, it's a really nice car and I think I'l be happy with it, (drove it around a bit, pretty impressed all I can say :D )
  2. Hello everyone, I have been searching for some days now for a new small car since the old one was wrecked in a car accident. Well, I was looking into used cars since I do not have the money at the moment for a new one. now here's the deal. I narrowed my search down to two ford fiestas. They are bot 2007 model (facelifted mk6), 5 doors , ambiente edition , with around 10k kilometers on the odometer and cost both 9k euros. The only difference between these two is that one has a 1.25 litre engine while the other has a 1.4 litre. Now my question. While the 1.4 litre delivers 7 more bhp (82 vs 75) does the 1.4 litre engine have a noticeable difference in performance and fuel economy? I will mainly be driving in the city so fuel economy is my top concern. On the other hand if the 1.4 is considerably faster and the fuel mileage isn't that much shorter it would probably be the wiser choice since they both cost the same. I would appreciate some info on this matter cause I couldn't get any info by miself. In advance, thank you very much, Simon